LiveSmart bars review: "Good Health Should Taste Good Any Time"

photo courtesy of LiveSmart's Facebook page
*Disclosure: I received samples to help facilitate this review. No other compensation was received.

Putting on my "Yes/No Foods" hat once again ...
I received a big box in the mail the other day, and I found six bars waiting for me. I couldn't remember if I had won these or agreed to review them, and then I looked through my Gmail and found that the LiveSmart company had been looking for bloggers; therefore, these were mine to eat (yay!) but I would have to take some pictures first.

The LiveSmart bar samples I received.
I gave two to my mom who loves flax seed, but ate the rest of them.

I am always on the hunt for new snacks and also new breakfast foods. I tend to not eat a big breakfast, choosing either toast with peanut butter or butter or cereal, like Cheerios, and for me, a fast breakfast is also a priority since I am usually rushing off to work during the week.

Me in Ann Arbor with one
of the bars
I found that the LiveSmart bars are good for both breakfast or a snack. I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair(s) a few weeks ago and packed a few of them, and they made for a nice treat on the car ride home when I was hungry and wanting a snack. I also was in Chicago for BlogHer last week, and had the foresight to stow a few of the bars in my bag; I ended up eating them for breakfast on the days when breakfast was too early for me to get to the conference center on time. (7:30am ... yikes!)

Some cool facts about the LiveSmart bars:

  • They come in six flavors: Original Flax Bar, Chocolate Flax Bar, Original Fruit & Nut Raw Bar, Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Raw Bar, Power Fitness Raw Bar, and Chocolate Suicide Raw Bar
  • Their Flax bars are gluten-, lactose-, peanut- and wheat-free, and are also vegan and non-GMO
  • Their Raw bars are gluten-, soy-, lactose-, peanut-, wheat-, and dairy-free, and approved for vegans and non-GMO
  • Both the Raw and Flax bars are under 200 calories each - I think most were around 190
  • The company is a Michigan company and is based out of Oak Park! I love supporting Michigan businesses.

And the most important part ... I'm not really one for "health bars" - I've tried ClifBars in the past and didn't usually like them - but I did like these. The Fruit & Nut Raw Bar had a satisfying crunchy taste and also tasted good, and the Chocolate Suicide Raw Bar had a chocolate-y/carob-type taste (yes, chocolate-y) to it which I liked. 

You can find LiveSmart on their website or on their Facebook page - give them a try if you're looking for something new for breakfast or snacks that you can bring with you "on the go."


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