The Friday Five, 8/16/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

I've had things going on like literally every day this week, and I'm kind of tired and need a break, but tonight we are going to (another) pierogi pop-up and then seeing The Kitchen, which I do want to see ... it has a great cast.

What I've been up to this week:Eating out way too much. Some of it couldn't be helped (ie, I went to Cedar Point Friday) but I've been eating way too much this week. Saturday we went to Detroit Shipping Company before seeing Schitt's Creek Live at the Masonic. Tuesday I had dinner with a friend at Sy Thai in Birmingham, Wednesday I went to BD's Mongolian BBQ with my parents as a blogger/influencer visit, and Thursday my boyfriend and I went to the Pizza Throwdown, downtown. Seeing Schitt's Creek Live. This was my first time seeing a show at the Masonic Theater and I can't say I'd go back again unless it was a show I really want to see ... although the building is beautiful, it was really disorganized, and hard to find o…

Exclusive interview and GIVEAWAY: CATS, Sept. 3-15, Fisher Theatre, Detroit {ends 8/21}

*Disclosure: I have an ongoing media relationship with Broadway in Detroit. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

CATS will be performed at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit this fall, and one of my lucky readers will win a 4-pack to the opening night of the show!

You can purchase tickets to CATS here.

About the show:
One of the biggest hits in theatrical history, CATS will come to Detroit from September 3-15, 2019 as part of a multi-season North American tour. Tickets are currently on sale.

Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and based on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, the record-breaking musical spectacular has captivated audiences in over 30 countries and 15 languages, is now on tour across North America! Featuring new sound design, direction and choreography for a new generation — experience CATS for the first time as it begins a new life, or let it thrill you all over again!

The original Broadway production opened in 1982 at Broadway’s Winter Garden Theatre,…

UPCOMING + GIVEAWAY: Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin, Oct. 30 at the Fox Theatre, Detroit {ends 8/20}

*Disclosure: I have a media relationship with 313 Presents. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin will be at the Fox Theatre in Detroit this October, and one of my lucky readers will win a four-pack to see them!

About the show:
“A Fun Conversation with Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin” moderated by Mitch Albom

Hear the stars of gshare their insights on life, politics, feminism, the planet and the secrets of their long-lasting friendship. Mitch Albom will serve as moderator during an evening filled with wit, humor and lots of fun when “A Fun Conversation with Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin” makes a stop at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday, October 30 at 7:30 p.m. Albom will guide the conversation as the stars of Grace and Frankie share their insights on life, politics, feminism, the planet and the secrets of their long-lasting friendship.

Jane Fonda is a two-time Academy Award winner (Best Actress in 1971 for Klute and in 1978 for Coming Home), a three-time Go…

Movie Review: The Angry Birds Movie 2

Last year when I was coming home from Chicago, via Megabus, I had downloaded The Angry Birds Movie to watch. The bus ended up not having WiFi, as promised, and so I watched the film ... as a former Angry Birds game player, I really enjoyed it. That being said, The Angry Birds Movie 2 is not quite as funny as the first installment, but still worth seeing.

Red (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) is now the hero of Bird Island, and his job is to protect it from the pigs over on Piggy Island. When the pigs send him messages wanting to call a truce, then, he's a little worried that he'll be out of a job; however, the reason for the truce is a good one, as they just found out that there's a THIRD island, and the evil empress of it, Zeta (Leslie Jones), wants to detonate both of their islands so that she can have them for her own use.

It was fun to try to figure out who voiced who, in this movie; I figured out midway that Jason Sudeikis was the voice of Red, but you might also recognize …

The Friday Five, 8/9/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

By the time you read this, I'll probably be on the road to Cedar Point with a blogger friend of mine and her two daughters. We bought a Groupon way back in like April or May for it, and I haven't been in about two years so I'm looking forward to it. We're also going to stay overnight in Sandusky, so we don't have to make the 2-3 hour drive home that night.

What I've been up to this week:

Date night in Ann Arbor. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I went to Ann Arbor (one of my favorite cities, though of course I'm biased since I'm a UM alum ...) and hit up three venues: Tomukun Korean BBQ, for dinner; The Last Word, for cocktails; and the new Blue LLama jazz club, to finish the night. I'm a big fan of KBBQ but had never tried Tomukun, and they were pretty good. The Last Word is a fantastic speakeasy, if you've never been, and their front door isn't labeled at all, so you might need Google Maps to find it. And the Blue LLama was playing klezmer mus…

DETROIT GIVEAWAY: 10 admit-4 screening passes for Angry Birds 2, 8/11 at Emagine Royal Oak

Angry Birds 2 will be screening on Sunday, August 11th, at 11am at Emagine Royal Oak, and 10 of my lucky readers will EACH receive an admit-FOUR screening pass for the film!

Movie synopsis:
Red, Chuck, Bomb and the rest of their feathered friends are surprised when a green pig suggests that they put aside their differences and unite to fight a common threat. Aggressive birds from an island covered in ice are planning to use an elaborate weapon to destroy the fowl and swine way of life. After picking their best and brightest, the birds and pigs come up with a scheme to infiltrate the island, deactivate the device and return to their respective paradises intact.

Please remember that screenings are first-come, first-serve. I would recommend getting to the theater by 10am that day to get in line, if possible.

Enter to win one admit-four screening pass below. There will be 10 winners!

THIS IS A FLASH GIVEAWAY:Giveaway will end on Thursday, August 8th, at 11:59pm EST, and winners will…

GIVEAWAY: Come From Away, October 1, Fisher Theatre, Detroit {ends 8/13}

Come From Away will be playing at the Fisher Theatre, in Detroit, from October 1-13, and one of my lucky readers will win a 4-pack of tickets to see the show!

About the show:
COME FROM AWAY tells the remarkable true story of 7,000 stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland that welcomed them. Cultures clashed and nerves ran high, but uneasiness turned into trust, music soared into the night, and gratitude grew into enduring friendships.

On September 11, 2001 the world stopped. On September 12, their stories moved us all.

Following sold-out, record-breaking, critically acclaimed world premiere engagements at La Jolla Playhouse and Seattle Repertory Theatre, COME FROM AWAY landed on the “Best Theater of 2015” lists in the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, San Diego Union Tribune, and Times of San Diego. Charles McNulty of the Los Angeles Times called the show “An affecting, stirring and unpretentious new musical. Christopher Ashley's production lets the simple goodness of…

The Friday Five, 8/2/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed really long, so I'm glad it's Friday. I'm going to see the new Fast & the Furious movie later, and I expect it to be as entertaining as the others in the series.

What I've been up to this week:
Eating out. Maybe a bit too much. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I tried out Mabel Gray, in Hazel Park, which I had been wanting to try for forever ... they happened to have a 5pm reservation on OpenTable, which rarely happens (most available are like 9pm, 10pm, 10:30pm, etc), so I snagged it. It lives up to its reputation; all of the food was very tasty, and service was great. Afterwards, we headed to Doug's Delight for some ice cream, which was another place on my Hazel Park bucket list. On Saturday, I visited my parents, and we did Pizza Hut carryout. On Sunday, I had a gift card for BD's Mongolian Grill, so my boyfriend and I headed to the Sterling Heights location. On Tuesday, I did a strolling dinner thing in Rochester (more about that below),…

GIVEAWAY: Michigan Renaissance Festival opens to the public on August 17th

*Disclosure: I have a media relationship with the Michigan Renaissance Festival. The opinions listed here, however, are my own.

This is my third year partnering with the Michigan Renaissance Festival, which takes place in Holly, MI every year, from August through September. The gates open on August 17th this year, and one of my lucky readers will win a 4-pack of tickets that can be used any day of the festival!

You can click here to view the themed weekends, and they are:

Pirates and Pets (8/17-8/18)Highland Fling (8/24-8/25)Vikings (8/31-9/2)Wonders of the World (9/7-9/8)Shamrock & Shenanigans (9/14-9/15)Harvest Huzzah (9/21-9/22)Festival Friday (9/27) & Sweet Endings (9/28-9/29)
The last day the festival will be open this year is Sunday, September 29th.
I attended the festival in 2017 - click here to read about my experience! I am looking forward to attending this year, as well.
Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate, and prices are $23.95 for adults, $14.95 for kids age…

The Friday Five, 7/26/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week was busy and I no longer know what day it is, because I went to Louisville for a super quick work trip Monday through Tuesday, so then Wednesday seemed like my Monday ... so I'm glad today is Friday.

What I've been up to this week:
Hanging out with friends. Last Friday, some friends and I went to Isla, at Fort Street Galley, for some Filipino food, and then went to a few Detroit bars. We started off at Candy Bar, inside the Siren Hotel, which was very nice, and we checked out Sid Gold's Request Room, in the alley behind the Siren Hotel, too, which had just opened that day. We ended our night at the Monarch Club, which I would not recommend, as the (bouncer? host?) was super rude to us. I will say their views from the rooftop bar are pretty good, though, as you can see above. On Sunday, I met up with some friends for our book club, also, at The Root in White Lake, which is usually very tasty; that was my second time there, but first for brunch.Quick work trip to Lou…

Movie Review: Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood

I'm usually a big fan of Tarantino's films—the Kill Bill series, especially—so it came to no surprise to me that I enjoyed Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, despite the 2 hours, 41 minute runtime. I did check my watch a few times throughout, but I attended the screening with my mom and she mentioned that she felt like the time flew by, since the movie was so good.

(Fictional) TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) is feeling like a washed-up has-been. He used to be a pretty famous TV star, but now he's struggling to get work. His former stunt double, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), is now his driver and valet, since Dalton lost his license due to a DUI, and Booth drives him around town and to auditions. Dalton owns his own home, and notices that movie star Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) has moved in up the road; he doesn't actually know her, and he's a little starstruck by this. Dalton eventually finds work as the villain - his specialty - on another Western, and meanwhil…

The Friday Five, 7/19/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

I am glad today is Friday, it has seemed like a long week but I think that's because I have been keeping busy. Tonight I am going to Detroit with my International Dinner Club friends (a club they created) to try out Isla, at Fort Street Galley, so that should be tasty, too.

What I've been up to this week:
Eating out. Last week we took a mini-vacation (Fri. through Sat.) to Portage, and we got to hit up all of my favorite restaurants: The Southerner (Saugatuck), as well as Nonla Burger and El Gallo Blanco (Kalamazoo). On Sunday night, I went out for Indian food with friends before a concert at Meadow Brook, and on Tuesday, we had pizza at Allegiant Nonstop. Last night we went to Urbanrest Brewing (Ferndale), who was hosting a pop-up of Pietrzyk Pierogies, and it was delicious although a little pricey ($9 for four of the same pierogi, or $10 for "Chef's Choice" of four, which is what we did, topped with onions). My favorite of the four was a blueberry and cream chees…

REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Allegiant Nonstop game center (Warren, MI) is fun for the whole family

*Disclosure: I received admission to some of the attractions at Allegiant Nonstop as well as dinner in exchange for this blog post. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

This Tuesday, I was able to stop by the new Allegiant Nonstop (or "Nonstop," as most people seem to call it) in Warren, MI, and it was a fun date night out. This place would also be good for birthday parties or a friends night out, and they even have party rooms and "party bays" for all of your special occasion needs.

I would compare Allegiant Nonstop to Dave & Busters or, in the Detroit area, C.J. Barrymore's, except it's more technologically-advanced: you get a card that you then tap to reload or tap to go on / play at any of the attractions.

My boyfriend and I each had a card good for four attractions. Unfortunately, I didn't know that you had to wear closed-toed shoes to do the bumper cars or the go-karts, as well as rock climbing, so those weren't a possibility,…