BlogHer 2012, Part III: Worth it to sit on the floor?

First session of the day: Advanced SEO for bloggers
By now you are probably wondering something like, "Okay, so she went to all these parties and saw some celebs and had some drinks - but did she actually attend any sessions?" The answer is yes, but I wish I had attended more. On Saturday after breakfast I was planning to attend Advanced SEO for Bloggers, and then Google Analytics directly afterwards. Unfortunately, I took advantage of the 15-minute break between sessions, and when I got back there were NO seats open for the Analytics session. I sat on the hard floor for a little while and then left, because BlogHer tapes all the sessions; but I was disappointed because Google Analytics is something I really wanted to learn about.

Mimosas and lovely centerpieces
I then headed out to Ruth's Chris restaurant for the Glamorous Luncheon, hosted by Shannon (Glamorous Moms). The venue, the food, and the company were perfect, and I had a great time. I sat at a table with Amy, another Michigander, as well as Vanessa, The Queen of Swag (who was also Hanan's roommate - small world), and a bunch of other lovely ladies, and it was nice to enjoy a quiet(er) lunch away from the Hilton.

Saturday was to be my "busy day," because after the Glamorous Luncheon I had basically scheduled myself from 3pm till midnight without stopping. From 3pm to around 4 I stopped by the Getting Gorgeous event at the Warwick hotel, and was treated to a "summer hairdo" at the CVS booth as well as getting some nice swag from Coldwater Creek, Downy, and other companies that was there. I ran back to the Hilton after, and then Kailee and I headed to the Disney screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, along with fellow bloggers Amanda and Lance. After the movie, we walked to the nearby Yotel, where the reception was held, and their rooftop terrace had some of the best views I had seen of the city (besides the Hallmark suite, that is).

Awesome view from Yotel's terrace (Disney afterparty)
After that, we headed to BanShe at O'Lunney's Irish pub, also near Times Square, and finally had a roommate dinner at a small Italian place nearby. By the time we got back to the hotel we were all tired, and skipped CheeseburgHer (an official BlogHer event, sponsored by McDonalds), though I had heard that in past years it was a lot of fun. I started packing up some of my stuff and deciding what swag I wanted to bring to the Recycling Room (as it was listed on the map - aka the Swag Exchange room) the next day too.

Stay tuned for Part IV: Time to Say Goodbye ... 


  1. There several sessions I would have liked to attend but the "sit on the floor" thing doesn't really work so well. I'm old, if I get on the floor I might not get back up ;)

    Looks like you had a great time :)

  2. lol!
    I tried it for a while, but it was rather uncomfortable. I'm actually glad I left because it gave me some downtime to go back to my room and get changed before the Glamorous Luncheon, too.

    If you're going to BlogHer '13 we'll have to meet up! It's in Chicago so I'm like 95% sure I will go, it's a quick 4 hour drive from Michigan.

  3. I heard the Glamorous Luncheon was wonderful and I'm glad you got to attend! I had hoped to attend at least the advanced SEO session but I booked my schedule too tight with event. It was great meeting you, though briefly :)

    1. Yes, it was great :). Advanced SEO was interesting, I never even thought to check for broken links on my site before that.

  4. I had to skip the Disney event to pack because we had to leave the next morning at 6 a.m. Sounds like a beautiful setting for the reception.

    Next time, we have to connect!

    1. Yikes, 6am!
      Who are you on Twitter, btw? I am @yesnofilms.

      I will probably be attending BlogHer '13, so maybe I'll see you there :).


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