"Leap Year" movie review

"Leap Year" revolves around a woman, Anna (Amy Adams), who plans to fly to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, February 29th. She had been waiting for him to propose to her before he left on a business trip to Ireland, but instead he gives her a pair of diamond earrings. Anna decides to take things into her own hands and fly to Ireland to surprise her boyfriend. She hears about the Leap Year tradition through her father, whose mother had proposed to his father on a Leap Year in Ireland; according to Irish lore, a woman is "allowed" to propose to a man on a Leap Day. Although she originally dismisses it as a stupid tradition, Anna becomes desperate and ends up doing the exact same thing. When she arrives in Ireland no flights are operating due to the weather, and she meets a man (Matthew Goode) who agrees to drive her to Dublin. And that's when things get complicated!

Amy Adams and Matthew Goode have great chemistry together, which makes the movie fun to watch. John Lithgow also has a small role as Adams' father. The Irish scenery is beautiful to see on the big screen, as well as the few shots of Boston (where Anna and her boyfriend live) that appear in the beginning and end of the movie.

Should you see this movie? I would say maybe, but yes if you like romantic comedies. The movie was a bit "fluffy" for me (and trust me, I've seen tons of romantic comedies), but there were a lot of genuinely funny parts, including a recurring gag throughout as to the name that Goode's character gives to Adams' Louis Vuitton suitcase. Adams comes off as a bit too feminine sometimes—she wears heels to trek through the muddy grounds of Ireland, for example—but she does do her character justice, and Goode is adorable with a scruffy beard and Irish accent. So if you're looking for a fun or date movie, this would be a good one to see; if you're looking for something more serious, I would say choose a different film. Reviewed by Liz

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