"The Wolfman" movie review

With an A-List cast, I was expecting more from "The Wolfman," but it failed to meet my expectations. Benicio Del Toro ("Traffic") plays actor Lawrence Talbot, who is summoned home when his brother Ben goes missing. Lawrence meets up with his father, Sir John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins, "Fracture"), and his brother's fiancee, Gwen (Emily Blunt, "The Young Victoria"), at their manor home, but he is too late—his brother's body has already been found. Judging from its "unnatural" look, they deduce Ben was attacked by a vicious beast.

The villagers immediately assume it's a wolf (or a wolfman, as the case may be) and begin to search for it. Lawrence, trying to find out the circumstances of his brother's death, does the same. While in the woods at night, the beast attacks, and Lawrence is bitten. The movie goes on from there and for the most part is very predictable.

Del Toro, Hopkins, and Blunt are great in their roles; so is Hugo Weaving as an inspector. Hopkins shines in evil roles (think "Hannibal") and this one proves to be no exception; his screen time, sadly, is limited. I feel that if the script had been better, these actors could have pulled off the movie, but unfortunately they had no such script to work with. Above all, squeamish moviegoers be warned: there's too much blood. Blood EVERYWHERE.

I would say "Maybe" see this movie. It was a little too gory for me, but there were a lot of action scenes that were exciting, and I did like the ending. There have been many "Wolfman" movies and franchises throughout the years, and we didn't really need yet another film, though I suppose this modern take on it would win the award for "Bloodiest" of them all.

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