"The Bounty Hunter"

I am sick of seeing bad movies, and based on the trailer "The Bounty Hunter" looked like it was going to be really cute. However, as with most movies I've seen lately, it didn't end up entertaining me as much as I'd hoped.

Milo (Gerard Butler, "Law Abiding Citizen") is a cop turned bounty hunter, and when a warrant comes up for his ex-wife, Nicole (Jennifer Aniston, TV's "Friends"), he gleefully agrees to bring her in. However, the reason Nicole skipped bail in the first place is that she is a journalist who is working on a major story about a cover-up, and she doesn't have time to go to jail. When Milo finally finds Nicole and attempts to claim his bounty, the bad guys from Nicole's cover-up follow the pair and try to kill them.

Christine Baranski (TV's "The Good Wife") has a fun role as Aniston's mother, who has her own show in Atlantic City, where some of the movie takes place. Butler and Aniston only have so-so chemistry together, and neither of their acting is great. Aniston's is subpar, while Butler's acting is fine, but he was making the most out of the boring and slow script he was given. The best part of the movie, in my opinion, is when he laughs—Butler kind of sounds like the Cookie Monster, and whenever Aniston's character gets in trouble, he lets loose one of his trademark laughs.

I would say No, don't see this film. It moves very slowly, save for a few car chase scenes, and throughout the whole thing, I was wondering when it was going to end. The film's ending is cute, which is a redeeming feature, but unfortunately it doesn't cancel out the boringness that permeates most of the movie. And when you laugh more at the supporting actors' lines rather than Butler's or Aniston's, that's a sure sign the movie isn't that great. I was expecting more from a cast including these A-listers, but instead I ended up being sorely disappointed.

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