"She's Out of My League"

"She's Out of my League" is one of those rare comedies where the actual movie is in fact funnier than its trailer. I went to see this movie with low expectations, but it turned out to be a sweet and hilarious film.

Kirk (Jay Baruchel, "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist") works as a TSA agent with his buddies Stainer, Jack, and Devon. After a failed attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane, "The Accidental Husband"), he isn't looking for love. Predictably, love finds Kirk when he least expects it, in the form of hot girl Molly (newcomer Alice Eve), who accidentally leaves her iPhone at the TSA check-in station. When Kirk returns the phone to Molly the next night, the two hit it off. One problem: she's a "hard 10" and he's at best a "5", and Kirk's friends express disbelief that "a 10 could ever go for a 5." The movie goes on from there and has a lot of hilarious moments throughout it.

Jay Baruchel is cute as Kirk, who is dorky but also (in my opinion) kind of handsome. His quirky trio of friends, one of whom loves to spout quotes from Disney movies, are funny, and the script is well-written. Kirk's crazy family is funny to watch as well, and it doesn't help Kirk that his ex-girlfriend Marnie and her current boyfriend have practically been adopted by them. Debra Jo Rupp (TV's "Friends") has a nice role as Kirk's mom, and Krysten Ritter ("Confessions of a Shopaholic") has a good part as Molly's bitchy best friend. The characters are "real" and easy to identify with, and that's what makes the movie so engaging.

I would say Yes, definitely see this movie. It's rated R for lots of swearing and one gross scene, but it's relatively tame compared to other lewd comedies ("Hot Tub Time Machine" among them) . The movie is a little too "fluffy" to be truly memorable, but it was cute and entertaining, and that is more than I can say for the majority of comedies out in the theaters nowadays.

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