Emagine vs. Palladium: Popcorn and slushies

The following is written by guest blogger J.N., who loves popcorn and slushies, and has some definite opinions about their quality differences between Emagine and the Palladium.

There's an important difference between the concessions experience of the Uptown Palladium and Emagine.

At Uptown, the wait in line is twice as long as the already long wait at Emagine. The workers aren't cordial or friendly, or even look like they enjoy life to some modest degree. When I get up to the line, I'm told that they can't give me a fresh bag to refill, even after informing them that it's been kicked around on the floor. Same for the drinks.

Here's another important distinction: At Emagine they butter it FOR you. The Palladium doesn't spend time on this, so shouldn't the lines move faster? Getting the popcorn buttered by them allows them to execute a "progressive dual-layer two-stage buttering application." They fill it halfway, add some butter, fill to the top, and add more butter. This allows for consistent and uniform coverage of all popcorn throughout, from top to bottom. At the Palladium, you must butter after the fact (after the popcorn bag is filled to the top). Trickle-down butternomics doesn't work well here. (Tip: Since refills are free at the Palladium, have them fill it only halfway. This allows you to close the top of the bag and shake to evenly spread the buttery goodness.)

To be fair, Emagine charges $0.25 per refill which is really quite negligible.

The second offense committed by the Palladium: DRIED UP FROZEN DRINKS! Blast! This is what happens when you don't have enough liquid in the frozen slushie drinks. You suck on the straw and get little intermittent flavorless pellets. You must dig around and "prospect" for a vein of slush without re-entering the same used up air pocket void that was formed on the last attempt. AGGRAVATING! No problem if you can just fill up with a little water from the ... BROKEN DRINKING FOUNTAIN! Aurgh! WHY?! This required me to go into the restroom and have lukewarm faucet water thin out my ice block and allow the syrup to disperse and mix in for a consumable consistency. If you think I'm taking something arbitrary too seriously, I suggest that you try it sometime and you'll agree. Don't neglect the quality.

By the way, Palladium, I think it's great that you decommissioned the concessions on the third floor where all of the free movie screenings are. I love having to go down to the second floor and back up again - it makes so much sense. And thanks for not fixing the locks on the stall doors, it helps keep me aware of my fiber intake and bathroom privacy preferences. Emagine doesn't seem to have that problem.

Also, parking at all Emagines is free and nearby, unlike in Birmingham. Perhaps a parking validation arrangement with the theaters is in order?

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