"Despicable Me"

I received some very last minute passes (they were emailed to me at 12:30am) to see an 11am screening of "Despicable Me" this morning. Did I still go? Of course! I had seen the trailers for this animated 3D movie a few weeks ago, and they looked adorable, and I am happy to report that the movie lived up to my expectations.

Gru (voiced by Steve Carell, "Date Night") is the #1 supervillain and master thief of all time, at least until the young Vector (voiced by Jason Segel, TV's "How I Met Your Mother") steals an Egyptian pyramid. Gru, however, is planning an even bigger heist: he plans to shrink and then steal the moon. All he needs is a shrink ray, which he steals from the Chinese. Unfortunately, Vector then steals the ray from Gru. Vector's gigantic fortress where he lives is impenetrable, but Gru notices that he lets three little girls - Agnes, Edith, and Margo - inside, as they are selling the equivalent of Girl Scout cookies. The girls live in an orphanage run by the mean Miss Hattie (voiced by Kristen Wiig, TV's "Saturday Night Live"), and Gru finds a solution to his problems: adopt the girls, and wait until they lead him into Vector's fortress. But he doesn't count on actually growing to like the girls.

The movie is hilarious and the 3D is awesome as well - literally eye-popping (is there a way to make 3D more "eye-popping" in one movie as compared to others? It was the best 3D I've seen lately). The green creatures, or Gru's "minions" (as seen in the poster above) are adorable, and they come to love Gru's "adopted children" as well. Although I knew Steve Carell was the voice of Gru, he has a Russian accent in the film, so he was barely recognizable; other voice cameos include Russell Brand ("Get Him to the Greek") as "Dr. Nefario," Gru's scientist sidekick, and Julie Andrews ("Shrek Forever After") as Gru's mom, who disapproves of him his entire life until he adopts the girls.

I would say Yes, definitely see this movie. Even though you might be tempted to peg it as a "kids movie," there are a lot of references that only adults would get, and the little girls (especially Agnes, the littlest one) and the "minions" are super cute. If you're going to see this movie, definitely see it in 3D - there is a scene where they ride a roller coaster at an amusement park, and I literally felt like I was on the coaster with them! "Despicable Me" might be the first summer film that all ages will like, and I will definitely see it again if I get the chance.

"Despicable Me" premieres in theaters on July 9th.

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