"Grown Ups"

I'll admit that I was not super excited to see this movie. I like Adam Sandler but his last few movies have been very raunchy and not that great. The trailer for "Grown Ups" looked like it would follow that typical Sandler path, but the movie was cute with mostly entertaining jokes.

Five men who played together on their middle school basketball team are reunited when their former coach passes away. Lenny (Adam Sandler, "Funny People") is now a hotshot Hollywood exec, with a beautiful wife (Salma Hayek, "Bandidas") and children; Eric (Kevin James, "Paul Blart: Mall Cop") has packed on the pounds but has a wife and children who love him; Kurt (Chris Rock, "Death at a Funeral") is a stay-at-home dad whose wife is pregnant; Marcus (David Spade, TV's "Rules of Engagement") is still a free spirit who hasn't married and is a bit of an alcoholic; and Rob (Rob Schneider, "Grandma's Boy") has a wife who is almost twice his age. Although these five haven't seen each other for many years, they decide to spend the weekend after the funeral at Lenny's lake house, and they soon find that they are still good friends after all these years.

I would say Maybe see this movie. The movie had a lot of jokes that were more appropriate for children (ie. fart jokes, a running gag about bunions, etc), but others were very funny. The main five stars work well together, and their children in the movie are good actors too. Lenny's children are becoming very spoiled (says one: "This hot chocolate is NOT Godiva! I said I wanted Godiva!"), especially since they have a live-in nanny that they text all the time, and so when they are at the lake house, he wants them to get back to the "simpler" things in life (like playing outside) that he and his friends used to do when they were younger. The movie had a good moral message in it that is great for kids, and so that is why I say "Maybe" see it; if you are not a fan of Sandler and his gang, however, this might be one to skip.

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