"Knight and Day"

There were no screenings for "Knight and Day" (none that I knew of, anyway), and so I decided to pay the $5 and go see a matinee screening at the theater today. The critics had been giving this film mixed reviews, but I usually like movies with Cameron Diaz and/or Tom Cruise in it, and so I decided to give it a chance; I am very glad I did.

Roy Miller (Tom Cruise, "Valkyrie") is a fugitive on the run - or is he? He meets June Havens (Cameron Diaz, "The Box") at the Wichita airport, where they are on the same plane together going to Boston. She later becomes his hostage, of sorts, as he shoots and kills various agents, some who seem to be CIA and some who are the "bad bad guys," as he says. June doesn't know whether to believe Roy's stories or what the CIA is telling her, and she must decide whom she wants to trust, with consequences either way.

I would say, Yes, definitely see this movie. Although the plot is a bit shady, the movie has fabulous action scenes, and takes us to such locations as the Alps, France, and around the US. I can see why the critics didn't like the movie - the scenes are probably about 75% action and 25% plot-related - but I thought it was a fun and slick summer movie. Cruise hasn't been in many movies over the past few years, save for the ill-rated "Valkyrie" and "Lions for Lambs" (61% and 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively), and so it was nice to see him in an action role again. The film had great supporting actors as well, such as Paul Dano ("Taking Woodstock") as a genius teenager whom Cruise's character is trying to protect, and Peter Sarsgaard ("An Education") as a CIA agent that has it out for Roy. This movie is certainly not going to win any Oscars, but for an action movie I found it to be fresh and unique, and I would recommend it for almost any audience (though keep in mind it's rated PG-13).

"Knight and Day" is out in theaters now.

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