Business cards

I went to the Michigan Bloggers Meet-up at Roosevelts in Farmington Hills tonight, which was sponsored by the Michigan Bloggers Network on Facebook. I got to network and meet a lot of other area bloggers, and there was one thing they had that I did not: business cards! Two of the bloggers had very cute "mini" cards from, and was also recommended to me by fellow blogger and co-worker Intense Auburn. I looked at both sites when I returned home from the meet-up and although Moo has more choices, I opted to go with Vistaprint - Moo was about $25 for 100 mini cards with shipping, and Vistaprint is giving me 250 free cards, with about $5.60 for shipping (21 day shipping, but still). I am very pleased with the result and I thought I would share it all with you here - comment if you have an opinion on it. I liked the black and white and also that it reminded me of something out of a movie (someone driving somewhere), and Vistaprint gives you a surprising amount of background choices considering that it is free.

The finished product

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