"The Other Guys"

After viewing the trailer for "The Other Guys" a few weeks ago, I was expecting the movie to be either really hilarious or really dumb. Unfortunately, it ended up being a mix of the two, although the audience seemed to be laughing during most of it.

Terry (Mark Wahlberg, "Date Night") is sick of being "the other guy" - the guy who sits at his desk doing paperwork all day while the other policemen get to respond to calls and get all the glory. Terry was on his way to being a star policemen when he made the unfortunate mistake of shooting Derek Jeter, thinking he was an intruder at the ballpark, and so now he has to deal with his partner, Allen (Will Ferrell, "Step Brothers"), who would be content sitting at his desk and not doing any "actual" policework. When a case comes their way that may actually be big, however, they decide to step up and try to solve it; unfortunately, their boss (Michael Keaton, "Post Grad") tells them to back off and leave the case alone.

Samuel L. Jackson ("Iron Man 2") and Dwayne Johnson ("Tooth Fairy") star in the beginning of the movie and are hilarious, but unfortunately their characters are written out far too quickly. Mark Wahlberg could be called "Angry Cop" because for most of the film he yells and yells, mostly at Ferrell's character. Eva Mendes ("The Spirit") has a small but funny role as Ferrell's wife, whom Wahlberg's character drools over for most of the movie.

I would say Maybe see this film. There were a lot of really funny moments - Wahlberg's character is known as "The Yankee Clipper" since he accidentally shot Jeter, for one - but I was constantly checking my watch throughout the movie, wondering when it was going to end. The action scenes in the movie were pretty good and many of the jokes were funny; however, there were an equal number that were not. If you like slapstick humor, go see this movie; otherwise, find a different comedy instead.

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