I will say it now: I am a sucker for 3D movies. Even if a movie was called "The Most Boring Movie Ever 3D," I would probably see it. So I was excited to see "Megamind," being that the last "kids' movie" I saw, "Tangled," was not in 3D. However, the story was very predictable, and it didn't hold my interest throughout it's 96-minute runtime.

Megamind (voice by Will Ferrell, "The Other Guys") has been fighting with Metro Man (voiced by Brad Pitt, "Inglorious Basterds") his entire life. Originally, Megamind wasn't a bad guy, but after years of being picked on and never measuring up to Metro Man, he decided to turn bad in order to keep things interesting. Megamind enjoys fighting with Metro Man and has devised a plan to kill him; he is surprised, however, when it actually works. With the city under his control and without anyone to fight, he gets bored, and so he decides to take some of Metro Man's DNA and create a new hero: Titan. Due to an unfortunate accident, he fires the DNA for Titan into a cameraman (voiced by Jonah Hill, "Get Him to the Greek"), and although Megamind trains him to be a hero, Titan ends up being a villain instead.

It was fun to hear the voices in this film, since they are all A-listers and therefore recognizable. Brad Pitt's character, Metro Man, is not in the movie as much as I thought he'd be, however, and the main characters end up being Ferrell as Megamind and Tina Fey (TV's "30 Rock") as Roxanne. In addition, Ben Stiller ("Greenberg") voiced Bernard the librarian, whom Roxanne ends up falling for (although it's actually Megamind posing as him), and J.K. Simmons (TV's "The Closer") voiced the Warden of the prison where Megamind normally resided. "Megamind" is definitely not lacking star power, and I think that is what will attract most older people to see the film.

Maybe see this movie. The story was really predictable - the good guy gets the girl and the glory in the end, although you may be surprised whom the "good guy" turns out to be - and Metro Man reminded me a lot of Superman, since he had the ability to fly. The 3D in the movie was fabulous, so if you are going to see it, definitely see it in 3D. There were a lot of chase scenes throughout the city, and in 3D they were fun to watch (and they kinda reminded me of scenes from the Spiderman movies, actually). I just wasn't that interested in the plot of the movie, even though there were a lot of jokes in it that only adults would get, and perhaps it was because I had just seen the funnier "Due Date" the day before, but the movie just didn't click for me - I only laughed a few times throughout it.

"Megamind" will be in theaters on November 5th.

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