"The Mechanic"

"The Mechanic" really should have been titled "The Mechanic's Apprentice," as the main character takes on an "intern," of sorts, who he then trains to be a hit man like himself. I was excited to see this movie because Jason Statham is headlining it, and I definitely wasn't disappointed by it.

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham, "The Expendables") is a hit man, or a "mechanic" as some call him, and he has a somewhat amiable relationship with his employer, Dean (Tony Goldwyn, "The Last House on the Left"). When Dean asks him to kill his good friend Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland, "The Con Artist"), he says that Harry has betrayed the organization, and so Dean obliges. Harry's son, Steve (Ben Foster, "Here"), comes to Arthur after his father's death and asks him to train him to be a hit man; Arthur agrees, and they soon become a team, although some of Steve's methods aren't as effective as Arthur's. When Arthur finds out a crucial detail about why a hit was put on Harry, however, he decides to turn against Dean, and he and Steve team up to take him down.

The movie was non-stop action and even had a few funny one-liners here and there as well. Jason Statham was great as Arthur, and Ben Foster had a great performance as Steve McKenna as well. Donald Sutherland had a good part too, although his was fairly brief since Statham's character kills him off in the beginning of the movie.

Yes, see this movie. Be forewarned that it definitely earns its "R" rating - this film was more gory and violent than any of Statham's movies I have previously seen - but the goriness was only a little bit gratuitous. I love action movies that have both a good plot and tons of action, as well as a few surprise twists thrown in, and "The Mechanic" definitely fulfilled that for me.

"The Mechanic" will be in theaters on January 28th.

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