Arthur (1981) vs. Arthur (2011)

Dudley Moore (1981) and Russell Brand (2011)
"Arthur," based on a remake of the 1981 film of the same name, will arrive in theaters next Friday - check back then for my review. I'm not allowed to divulge specific details until then, but in the meantime, however, I've just recently watched the 1981 film. Here is a comparison between that and the new film, without giving away any spoilers.

The rundown:

Plot: About the same. A rich playboy (Arthur) must marry a person of his parent's choosing, or else he will lose his $750 million inheritance. However, he meets someone that he could truly see falling in love with, and then he must decide whether he wants to enter a loveless marriage, or renounce his money for true love.

The "evil" parent: In 1981 it was Arthur's father who controlled him, but in the remake it's his mother, head of the multimillion Bach Corporation, that demands he must marry.

The nanny/butler: Named "Hobson" in both, but in the remake it's Helen Mirren, as Arthur's nanny. In the old version, it's a man, who is more of a butler to Arthur; his sense of sarcastic humor made him like him even more than Arthur, actually.

The woman he must marry: In the updated version, it's Jennifer Garner, who has a lot of scenes w/ Russell Brand (Arthur). In the '81 version, it is a woman who kills Arthur with kindness, even though he repeatedly tells her that he doesn't love her. Both are named Susan.

The woman he actually loves: In 1981, it was Linda Morolla, played very well by Liza Minelli. In 2011, it's Naomi, played by Greta Gerwig.

So while you are waiting for the new "Arthur" to come out in theaters, check out the 1981 version, and let me know what you think of it.

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