So I don't normally do blog posts about movies that have been out for a while, let alone movies that have been out for almost a year, but for this movie, I will make an exception, because I found it to be so interesting. Timer premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival (NYC) in 2009, and is now available through Amazon Video-on-Demand for $2.99 for 3 days. I had a $6.00 credit I received through Amazon and Twitter, and so I decided to rent Timer, which I had seen trailers for last year, and I'm very glad I did.

Oona (Emma Caulfield, TV's "Gigantic") has had a Timer for a few years now, but the countdown on hers remains frustratingly empty, which means that her "One" doesn't have a Timer. Her sister, Steph (Michelle Borth, TV's "Hawaii Five-O") has the same problem. Oona tries to convince all of the men she dates to get a Timer, and when they do, her fate remains the same: their Timer doesn't match up with hers, and she has to start from square one. She meets a grocery clerk, Mikey (John Patrick Amedori, TV's "Gossip Girl") whom she really likes, but he doesn't have a Timer, and doesn't plan on getting one anytime soon - he thinks that they are stupid. She likes hanging out with Mikey, but she needs to know for sure that he's "The One," and the uncertainly slowly begins to drive a wedge between them.

This movie raises a lot of questions, like most good films do. Is it worth it to get the Timer? (for only $79.99, it's yours! Plus $199 per month for a maintenance fee)
Oona's mom had a bitter divorce from her father, and decided to get a Timer while they were going through it; it was because of it that she was able to meet her new husband and eventually get remarried. Oona's 14-year-old brother (14 is the minimum age to get a Timer implanted) gets a Timer and his countdown says "3 days," which of course makes his mother extremely happy for him - he is going to meet the girl that he will spend the rest of his life with very, very soon. The fact that Oona's timer remains blank is frustrating to her, and she and her sister (whose timer says she will meet "The One" in about 15-20 years) go to get their Timers removed, but right before she is about to do so, a countdown appears on her Timer - her "One" must have just gotten a Timer implanted - and so she decides not to get it removed. But when it comes down to it ... how do people know the Timers are 100% accurate? Is it better to use it as sort of a "guide," because you will "know your One when you see him/her," or to assume that they are all-knowing? That is what Oona tries to figure out in this film.

Yes, definitely see this film. You can watch it on video-on-demand on Amazon, and I believe it's out on DVD as well. It's a thought-provoking movie that will stay with you long after watching it: Does fate has a role in meeting "the One"? Or is your future and your destiny controllable?

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