"Horrible Bosses"

I had high expectations for this movie, because along with a big cast of A-listers, the trailer looked hilarious. Although my expectations weren't fully met, Horrible Bosses did have many funny scenes, and I would still recommend seeing it.

Nick (Jason Bateman, "The Switch"), Dale (Charlie Day, TV's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis, "Hall Pass") all have a problem: they hate their bosses. Like really, REALLY hate them ... so much so that they consider killing their bosses just to make their lives easier. Of course, they know nothing about the business of killing, and so they drive to the seediest bar they can find to find themselves a killer for hire, where they meet Motherf**cker Jones (Jamie Foxx, "Due Date"), who agrees to be their "murder consultant." The guys agree with him that the least conspicuous way of going about this would be for each of them to kill one of the other's bosses, so that it would be harder to trace back to them. Unfortunately, while they are in the "recon" stage of the plans, an unexpected twist puts a wrench in their plans and forces the guys to tweak them a bit.

Horrible Bosses is another case of the trailer being funnier than the overall movie, but there were definitely some hilarious scenes in the movie. Jennifer Aniston ("Just Go With It") plays the sexually deviant dentist who is Day's boss, and she is constantly hitting on him and saying inappropriate things at work; Colin Farrell ("Crazy Heart") is Sudeikis's cocaine-snorting, womanizer, slacker boss, who only becomes the boss after his father (Donald Sutherland, "The Eagle") dies; and Kevin Spacey ("Casino Jack") plays Bateman's boss, who may be the worst one of all, or at least the most insane. Spacey has a bigger role than Aniston and Farrell, and I wish we could have seen more of them, but at the same time he definitely steals the show.

Yes, see this movie. Be aware that it's definitely rated "R" for a reason (one of the character's names, as you recall, is Motherf**cker Jones, if that gives you any indication), but it's a raunchy comedy that younger people will like. Even though it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, it's still very entertaining, and it is fun to see these disgruntled employees fumble with the "easy" job of killing their bosses; one of the film's strengths is that the three main employees have no idea what they are doing when they decide to murder their superiors, and it definitely gets them into a few strange and bizarre situations.

Horrible Bosses is in theaters today, July 8th.


  1. Horrible Bosses AKA Horrible Movie- it should of been better with the quality of actors. I really love light comedies but was in the mood to see a just even if silly laugh out loud movie, but they just can't seem to make them with creativity anymore. It was silly and again, some raunchyness can be funny , this one did not need to be. But again Hwood knows that young immature guys, just can't seem to get enough of it and they pay to go see it rather than wait for DVD. I must admit that the first Hangover was pretty funny although the envelope pushing stuff could of been omitted or changed and still be funny. The suff at the very end was just plain wrong. But had no inclination to see the second one as it was obvious they were just cashing in and only the raunchiness that 17-25 immature boys ( yes boys not men ) want to keep seeing and paying. And as long as they pay they will make more or copy cat.


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