Battle of two Snow Whites

There are two Snow White movies coming out in 2012, but their trailers look VERY different. Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Charlize Theron, Kristin Stewart (Bella!), and Chris Hemsworth (Thor!), is out in theaters on June 1, 2012, and looks like its going to be action-packed, with Theron playing the super-evil queen. On the other hand, Mirror Mirror stars Julia Roberts as the evil queen, and Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the prince, and looks like it might be more of a comedy. Mirror Mirror will be in theaters on March 16, 2012, just a few months before the Snow White and the Huntsman.

Check out the trailers below - which version looks like it will be better? (and is it even fair to compare, since they look so different?)


  1. I'm really looking forward to both of these :), they look interesting in their own way haha.


  2. I have not! Am seeing it tonight as well. I missed the screening Wed. b/c I was at the HAVE A LITTLE FAITH VIP event thing ... which only happens for one night :). Someone I know won tix to another screening-type thing today so I will see it later with a friend! Looking forward to it.

    And yes, they both look good! Julia Roberts looks hilarious in Mirror Mirror, and Theron looks deliciously evil in Huntsman. :)

  3. They do!

    When you see it and I see it tonight, we should totally discuss what we thought tomorrow!! :) I am so looking forward to it!! I'm all jittery, hoping so much it going to be like the book! I've been watching the live streaming of the premieres, the hollywood one on Monday and the london one on wednesday, (I know I am such a nerd haha), but it was cool, just seeing them interact with the fans and stuff, it was awesome!

  4. I have heard very mixed reviews so far. Most of the fans seemed to like it, though. :)

  5. Yeah in our county's newspaper the reviewer gave it 2 and a half out 4 stars, and barely said anything nice. However, so far, from all of the movies, I've read all of the reviews and not one of the reviewers has ever read the books! And even though of course there are the viewers that have not read the books, the majority of the viewers have, and I just don't think a reviewer can give a fair review when having not read the books.


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