Is your name John Carter?

Disney is doing an interesting contest where you can win a trip to Peru and also attend an advance screening of John Carter.

The catch? To enter, your name must be John Carter! However, Disney is allowing variations of the name as well; in the official rules, they say:

An entrant’s legal name must be composed of the following elements: (1) a first name of: John, Jon, Jonathan, Jonathon, Jawn, Gian or Juan; and (2) a last name of: Carter, Cartur, Cartir, Karter, Karter, Kartar, Khartar, Kharter or Kartir.

So if your name is John Carter (or Juan Kartin, or Jon Kartar, or even Jonathan Karter!) make sure to enter this sweepstakes. You can enter by going to and signing in with your Facebook account or or your email address. You can also get additional entries by participating in weekly "challenges."

Good luck!

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