BlogHer 2012, Part II: Bloggers everywhere!

When we last left off, I was sleeping ... and not wanting to get up at 7am because I hate getting up early. For the first full day of BlogHer, I had the choice of going to the Newbie Breakfast or the general one, but my roommates and I decided to go to the newbie one, though I didn't really learn anything about the conference there that I didn't already know. After that, I wanted to check out the expo - or the three expos, I should say - and make it back in time for the Martha Stewart keynote lunch.

I'm an Instagram addict now ...
After that, I took part in the StumbleUpon walk, which left from the Hilton and was a walking tour of NYC. It was nice to get out of the hotel for a little bit, and we walked to Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and other area landmarks. I'm a big fan of StumbleUpon and it was great to have a chance to connect with fellow bloggers. I ended up meeting Lori from Atlanta (My Life Unexpected) and her roommate Anna, from NYC, and I saw them again at breakfast the next day as well.

I hit the expo for a little bit more after the walk, but between that time and the morning time I had there, I was able to go to most of the booths. I had been forewarned that you should plan to spend 3 to 4 hours browsing the expo and making connections, but I think it only took me like 2 hours total, not including the time spent getting a manicure at the Bailey's booth or scarfing down treats at the So Delicious and Jimmy Dean stations.

Viola and Maggie at the Won't Back Down Q&A
That night I had one of the events I was most looking forward to, a red carpet premiere of the film Won't Back Down (in theaters September 28) with a Q&A with the director, Rosie Perez, Viola Davis, and Maggie Gyllenhaal after the screening, which I attended with fellow Michigander Shannon from Glamorous Moms. I'm a HUGE fan of Viola and Maggie, and I was definitely a little starstruck when they both appeared after the movie. Sometimes when there's Q&As at a screening, the host cuts off the questions or the stars have to leave, but at this screening neither happened, which I thought was really cool. Maggie had brought her mom to the film also, and she left with her and a woman I believe was her grandmother afterwards through the front door with the rest of the bloggers - also very cool. (Hey, Maggie - can you give me your brother's phone number?)

Sparklecorn, an official event, was that night as well, and I had heard it was one of the most fun BlogHer parties, so even though I was tired and hungry when I got back to the hotel, I changed into a less dressy outfit and went downstairs ... to find that it was more of a rave, with great music! I stayed for about an hour or so and even danced a bit, and then came upstairs to find my roommates fast asleep. Which I probably should have been too, since I had to be up for breakfast early again the next day ...

Stay tuned for Part III: Worth it to sit on the floor?
Sparklecorn ... aka a college frat party and/or rave, but with glow sticks

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