Bring It On: Movie vs. Musical

Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On (movie; 2000)

Guest post by: Adam Riemer

Much like many other movies, Bring It On has become a musical and probably the dumbest thing you’ll ever love. Just like in the movie, you get to see amazing stunts and choreography, but in the musical version of Bring It On changes the story almost 100%.

Campbell, the main character, becomes the Cheer Captain of the Truman Squad. Unfortunately, she also gets redistricted and looses her title to someone else. In the movie version she stays at her school and discovers that her school has been stealing routines from an inner city school. In the musical she ends up being sent to that school and that school has no actual cheer squad. Instead they have a hip hop dance crew.

Bring It On - Broadway show
The next major difference between the movie and show is that the movie is learning about what is right and that you shouldn’t cheat. The musical is all about politics and current issues. They bring up politics, self esteem and weight issues, make jokes that will be outdated within the next 5 years and also throw a ton of very one sided views in your face. Whether you agree with them or not could actually have an effect on if you like the show or not. In the movie, most people agree with the story line, in the show, you have some people who get offended.

One last difference that is kind of fun is that they changed the characters around. Campbell’s boyfriend at Truman turns out to be gay. Her new boyfriend isn’t from the rich school, but is the popular guy and also outcast from her new school. Her best friend becomes the larger girl who she made the mascot at Truman and one of the girls on the “crew” turns out to be a drag queen.

The musical version of Bring It On is a brand new story with new plots and new messages. Unlike the movie you don’t have cheer based songs, but instead you get choreographed dance routines with actual singing and a ton of amazing cheerleading stunts. The show combines broadway actors, dancers and actual Cheerleaders to put on an amazing show that gives a new story to the hit movie Bring It On. I miss Big Red and the opening song from the movie, but there are a ton of great songs you can discover from the musical version.

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