Finding Nemo 3D

Finding Nemo originally hit theaters in May 2003, when I was finishing up my sophomore year of high school. I saw it in theaters because I was (and am) a big Disney/Pixar fan, and I thought it was great. Now, nine years later, it's back on the big screen in 3D. I still ended up enjoying the film, although it's not one of my favorite Pixar movies; however, it definitely has stood the test of time, and is still worth seeing again in the theater.

Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) and his wife are clownfish who live in the Australian ocean, and they have over 100 baby clownfish on the way. After an accident that also claims Marlin's wife, only one of the embryos survive, leaving Marlin to raise Nemo (Alexander Gould) as a "single parent." Because of this, he's definitely overprotective, and when it's time for Nemo's first day of school, Marlin is reluctant to let him go. It turns out his fears were not unfounded, as Nemo swims into open waters on a dare and gets caught by humans. Marlin is desperate to find Nemo but must conquer his own fears of the vast ocean, though he eventually finds a friend, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) to go on the journey with him.

The fish that "steals" the entire movie is definitely Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, though there are a few other memorable characters too. Dory has short-term memory issues, which makes for interesting situations when she forgets who Marlin is and why she is traveling with him. Some of my favorite parts of the movie were when she would forget Nemo's name which resulted in lines such as "He's looking for his son, Fabio"; she calls him Elmo another time, too. Bruce the shark (Barry Humphries) was amusing as well, as he is on a "fish are friends, not food" diet, but he can't help himself at one point and chases Dory and Marlin in the hopes of eating them for dinner.

The film itself, as I've said previously, is definitely a Yes movie - but is it worth seeing in 3D? The answer to that is also yes. The 3D wasn't the "in your face" type except for a few shark scenes and others, and although it's not really needed it does enhance the movie to a point. There was also a Toy Story short that played before Finding Nemo 3D that's definitely worth seeing; I'm a huge Toy Story fan and their shorts are always really cute. The 3D glasses that kids will receive for the film are shaped like divers' goggles, too, which was a nice touch. There's actually going to be a Finding Nemo 2 in 2016, with the same voice cast except for Nemo (since Gould is now grown-up); I'm not sure what the movie will be about, but I'm sure it will do well at the box office, since Finding Nemo is Pixar's highest grossing original (not including sequels) film.

Finding Nemo 3D is in theaters today, September 14th, and is rated G with a runtime of 100 minutes.
Story: 3.5 out of 5 stars
3D: 4 out of 5 stars

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