Ellen is moving to 3pm!

This may surprise you, but occasionally I do watch TV in addition to all of the movies I see (!). I have a few favorites, mostly prime time shows, but one of the talk shows I really like is "Ellen," the #1 top talk show in Detriot, which is shown on Local 4 in this area

Ellen is moving from the 10am to 3pm time slot, which means she will be on TV right before Ruth and Chuck on Local 4 News First at 4. That's exciting because it's a more accessible time, and more people should be tuning in. Keeping up on the latest news and interviews is best when done on the same day an episode airs, I've found, and her new 3pm slot may make that easier for some of her viewers, both returning and new. It's a time more accessible to students as well, and parents will be able to watch the show with their tweens and teens. When The Ellen Show moves to 3pm, her program will now be airing between 3-5pm for all of the top twenty markets in the country, Detroit included.

I've found that watching Ellen enables you to stay "in the know" on the latest books, movies, and pop culture, and for parents, it's also a good way to know what's happening and "hip" as well.

Ellen is always hilarious, whether she's interviewing the hottest actors or the most popular singers and other entertainment icons, and that's why I enjoy watching her show. She also is very philanthropic - she's supported and started many charities, including the Small Change Campaign with Ben Affleck, to support Feeding America, and the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, through the Red Cross. She also does the Ellen for the Cure campaign, which occurs in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So get excited for 3pm on February 4th. I'll be watching, and I hope you do too! Feel free to tweet with us at #Ellenmovesto3pm, as well.
Disclosure: I was selected for this sponsored post by Hay There Social Media. All opinions expressed are my own.

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