Sweet Relish Sunday (#4 of 4)

5 family movie night neccessitiesWell, we've now made it through 3 weeks of Sweet Relish Sunday - welcome to week 4, the last week! This week, I will be talking about 5 Necessities for Family Movie Night.

I've chosen two family-friendly DVDs/Blu-rays along with a Blu-ray player and some sweet and salty treats that are essentials for any movie night. Here are my picks:
  • ParaNorman Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. This movie was one of the best kids' movies I saw in 2012, and the title character shares his name with my dad, which was also kind of fun. Be aware that it may be a little scary for younger children, though.
  • Wreck-It Ralph on DVD. Another one of my favorite 2012 kids' movies, and a great choice for the younger children or if you think your child will be too scared to see ParaNorman. Or, if you have time, you could even watch them both!
  • LG Blu-ray player. This is the same Blu-ray player that I own, and although it has ethernet and not WiFi, it's a great choice for those who want to use their Blu-ray player to play Blu-ray and DVDs, not connect to Netflix or the internet, for the most part. It's only $79.99 right now on Amazon, too (remember when Blu-ray players used to be $300+??), which is a nice deal.
  • Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Popcorn. If you can't have popcorn from the theater, why not make your own right in your house? Pop Secret has a lot of different flavors of their microwaveable popcorn, but their Movie Theater Butter is one of the best, in my opinion.
  • Sanders Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge Dessert Topping. Obviously you would need some ice cream to go with this too (or not ... I won't judge ...) but it's pretty hard to find ice cream being sold online, which is why I didn't add that to this Relish list. You can get Sanders online at Walmart.com and I imagine Sanders would have it on their own website as well.

What are your essentials for your family's movie nights? And what was your favorite family-friendly movie of 2012?

*Disclosure: I was compensated for writing a series of blog posts about Sweet Relish and using their site to compile lists. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

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