Guest Post and CONTEST: Star Wars Crafting for the More Sophisticated Fan, by Tricia Slay

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I don't remember a time when I wasn't slightly obsessed with the artsy craftsy side of life. One of my earliest memories is of beading Christmas ornaments well before I could read or ride a bike. Back in my junior high school days, I was convinced that I was going to grow up and become a professional artist living in a Greenwich Village loft where I would create big, colorful canvases along with my best-selling novels. Eventually, a more realistic view of life killed off that particular fantasy, but I've never stopped crafting.
Tricia Slay
I've also been obsessed with Star Wars for most of my life. Even though I wasn't swept up in the original Star Wars craze, I fell in love with a galaxy far, far away at the tender age of nine-years-old when I saw The Empire Strikes Back for the first time and I have remained a Star Wars geek for over 30 years. 

Considering those two long-standing obsessions, I suppose it sounds rather strange that I have never been a Star Wars crafter. That is, until recently.

I used to keep a wall between my craft projects and the Star Wars universe. Why? Partly because I was afraid that anything I created would not be wonderful enough to be associated with my favorite movie trilogy of all time. The other problem was all about my limited and (yes, I'll say it) somewhat snobbish perceptions of 
Star Wars crafts. To put it bluntly, I used to consider all Star Wars crafting to be childish. I wasn't interested in making felt finger puppets, Wookiee tissue boxes, Wampa snow globes or a paper mache Jabba the Hutt. Crafting, in my opinion, was for more artistic pursuits.

The one and only valid 
Star Wars craft project (or so my old thinking used to tell me) was a child's bedroom. However, I don't have any children. So I will probably never get the opportunity to decorate the perfect Star Wars-themed bedroom complete with AT-AT Walker bunk bed (sigh).

All of this limited thinking was before Pinterest came into my life (cue angels singing while sunlight steams down from above).

I originally signed up on Pinterest to gather recipe inspirations for my Creativity Diet web site and to create virtual vision boards for my novels. Well, since my first trilogy of novels features Star Wars fangirls, obviously I started searching and clicking and searching some more. Oh, wow. I discovered that there is so much more fantastical fan creativity out there than I ever dreamed possible. There's more on Etsy than crocheted Yoda hats for cats (though that is always funny, I don't care who you are) and "Stormpooper" baby rompers. Every time I get on Pinterest, I am amazed...and inspired.

My very first fangirl craft project was a pair of 
Star Wars comic book pumps with stylized lightsaber heels. (I found the DIY instructions on the Anomaly Blog.) When I posted the project on my Facebook author page , the response was incredibly positive...and a bit addicting. Now I need to keep creating! Thanks to the ice molds available at ThinkGeek, I've made Dark Vader chocolates and Millennium Falcon gift soaps.

For my next project, I need a dose of greenery and Yoda wisdom on my desk, so I'll be creating a Dagobah terrarium. (Here's my inspiration.)

Have you seen the minimalist posters where they create a very graphic version of the most iconic 
Star Wars haracters? Here's a set of buttons that illustrates what I'm talking about and here's my favorite Etsy poster inspired by R2-D2. I am itching to create a mixed series of collages based loosely on this concept.

Star Wars fangirl fashions have taken a fashion forward leap for the more trendy geek girls. I bought an X-Wing dress from Repurposeful Punk for my book events and I absolutely love what some creative upcyclers can do can do with an old, boxy, unflattering Star Wars t-shirt. And then there's the shoes, purses, bathing suits...oh my!

Listen, there's so much more that I've discovered out there...I'll never be able to cover it all and I'm still exploring and discovering more every day. If you are a fan of 
Star Wars  or any popular Sci-Fi franchise, don't let your creativity get stuck in kiddie toyland. Get out there and explore the possibilities. And whenever you discover a new work of fangirl or fanboy genius, please be sure to share your love with the artist.

About the author:
Hello. My name is Trisha and I’m a writer. I wish it wasn’t so. Truly. I wish I could redirect this passion for storytelling into something more sane and comfortable…like knitting plush Angora socks or organic mushroom farming. Unfortunately, writing has proven to be (at least for me) an incurable condition.

Currently, I live betwixt and between the Atlanta metro area and the North Georgia mountains, but I’m originally from Ohio…by way of the San Francisco Bay Area. (In other words, I drink pop, practice yoga and would like to thank all y’all for taking the time to read my bio.)

By day, it’s my job to make sure this country has thousands of opportunities to pause for refreshment. By night, I transform into a rather frightening hybrid of the next great American novelist and Cookie Monster. (Translation: I’m still an unpublished author and a bit of an emotional eater.)

My first novel, entitled Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away, combines most of my interests into a cohesive coming of age story.


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