The Spectacular Now, in theaters August 2nd

Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now

*I blog about books over at Books I Think You Should Read. Today's post is about a book-to-movie adaption, The Spectacular Now, that will be in theaters on August 2nd, and is a must-see movie, based on the book. Read on to see why.

I'm going to confess something here: I started this blog to bring you reviews of books I read - that I personally chose to read - and then somewhere along the way I started to receive so many books I "had" to read, that when I read "for pleasure" now, I sometimes keep my reviews to myself. Sure, I'll post them on Goodreads or wherever, but not here - I'm just too busy or tired (I also do movie reviews over at Yes/No Films, my movie blog, and it's occasionally hard to juggle both).

The Spectacular Now, however, is a secret that shouldn't be kept. I just read it for my book club, and it was a unique tale; it's also coming to the big screen on August 2nd, so if you're going to read it, you should do it this month.

Read the rest of this article over at my book blog, Books I Think You Should Read.

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