Update: The Bounce Back Film

Shemar Moore

When I first told you about The Bounce Back in late June, the film that Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore wants to produce, it had raised $193,692 on Indiegogo, and Shemar's goal was $500,000.

At the time of this writing, it has raised $607,135 (wow!!!) and has five days left to go in the campaign. The more money it raises, the more chance it has of being a quality film (though we know it will be anyway, since Shemar will be in it and producing it!), and you can still donate before the campaign ends.

To find out more about The Bounce Back, check out these links:
And something that's also very cool: the campaign has broken records for the "All Time Most Funded Film in Indiegogo history" and the #4 "Most funded film of all time using crowd funding." It's also the first of its kind to use bloggers to make this happen, and I'm proud to be a part of it!

The other films, in case you are interested, are:
1. Veronica Mars Film - Kickstarter - $5.7M - campaign ended 91,585 funders
2. Wish I Were Here - Zach Braff - Kickstarter $3.1 M - campaign ended - 46,520 funders
3. Road Hard – Adam Corrolla – FundAnything $837,5K (campaign still running) – 8,571 funders
4. The Bounce Back Film – Indiegogo - $551.2K (campaign still running) - over 3000 funders

So check out The Bounce Back when you get a minute, and consider contributing to its Indiegogo campaign.

*Disclosure: I am promoting this as part of the Entertainment New Media Network. I have received no compensation and my opinions are my own.

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