First look, with video: Newlywed and Broke

Newlywed and Broke web series
Newlywed and Broke
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The new web series Newlywed and Broke aims to be a modern-day "I Love Lucy," in that it will focus on a couple who has to deal with life today while juggling a job loss and financial hardships. They're trying to budget and save their money ... with interesting results.

Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization, is sponsoring Newlywed and Broke, and all contributions to the project are tax-deductible.

Newlywed and Broke has started an Indiegogo campaign so that they can produce this TV-quality web series. They aim to first air it on their own site, and then, once it is more established, it will be pitched to the major networks, such as ABC, FOX, and HBO.

If you donate, you get perks, also! Check out the Vimeo video below for more info:

I tend to be frugal in general, but during the time I was in college and the year immediately after, when I was just getting started in the workforce, I was pretty broke myself. There's a few things you can definitely do, however, to save money, including:

  • Coupons - they're not just in your daily newspaper anymore, either. Check and even business sites - Yasso and Udi's recently gave me $1 off coupons for signing up for their e-mailing lists. 
  • Make a budget. I keep an Excel list and keep track of rent, electric bills, my credit card bills, and any other money that's coming in or out. It's good to plan for the year and also plan out your next year's income too. 
  • Take the bus instead of driving. When I lived in Ann Arbor for college, I didn't have a car, so I either carpooled with friends OR took the bus - it was free for students, but otherwise I think it was only $1 or $1.25 each way. Much cheaper than paying for gas!

Newlywed and Broke is aiming to raise $25,000 to get started, and currently has $11,979 raised, with 18 days left in the campaign. Check out their Indigogo page, and if you like what you see, consider making a contribution! Its cast and crew thanks you.

Newlywed and Broke web series

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