Guest post: Top 5 U.S. TV Destinations for 2014

Guest post by: Marta López

Have you ever wondered what it would be like walking down the streets of Manhattan? Seeing our favourite TV shows on screen clearly impacts us, the audience, encouraging us to travel to the places where they have been shot. If you are planning your vacation calendar for 2014, this is your chance to get off the sofa and experience it for yourself. If you need some inspiration, here you have 5 cool TV destinations across the USA!

1. New Mexico: Breaking Bad

Albuquerque NMTerrible decisions are made by a very ordinary chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung Breaking Bad is one of those TV series that makes you think of what would it happen if one day you decide not to follow the rules? The producer and director of the TV show, Vince Gilligan, definitely achieved the objective. The TV series, which has been nominated for a variety of different awards, was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a city full of personality, good weather and a great cuisine. Because it’s not as famous as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago (5his city is still free of tourists) maybe it’s time to give it a go … last but not least, apparently Walter White exists!
  • Where to eat New Mexican cuisine? Visit El Pinto (2111 Church St. N.W, Albuquerque) and be careful, as the dishes are spicy!

2. Boston: Funny stories on the East Coast

Cheers bar Boston
It’s one of the most cultural places in the USA and it has housed TV shows such as Ally McBeal: The story of a crazy lawyer surrounded by crazy colleagues (Who doesn't remember the “Dancing baby”?). Apart from its wide variety of museums and art galleries, Boston offers a huge list of bars and there is one you can’t miss: “Cheers Beacon Hill” is based at 84 Beacon Street and it's the one that inspired producers of the TV show “Cheers”. For a replica of the bar from the TV, pop in at Faneuil Hall (South Canopy, Quincy Market. Prince Range: $13 - $18).
  • Where to stay: If you travel to Boston and you need to compare prices for hotels check out Expedia deals.

3. New York: The Big Apple

Central Perk NYC FriendsIt is true that we all love New York, even if we haven’t visited it yet. However, thanks to the endless list of Sex and the City or How I Met Your Mother still makes us laugh, whilst we wish that one day, we´ll move to Manhattan. But if there is a TV series that has had a real impact in our lives, it´s Friends: The story of six young professionals trying to live on their own in the city. If you want to see where Phoebe played the guitar and where the love story between Chandler and Monica began, don’t miss your chance to walk to the Corner of Bedford and Grove in Manhattan. This building also has a small cafe on the ground floor, however it isn't Central Perk as that was a set in Los Angeles.
TV series set in the Big Apple, then yes! We definitely love it.
  • Where to spend the afternoon? If there is a place for creativity in NY City, it is MoMA (11 W. 53rd St, New York); You won´t want to leave the building!

4. Los Angeles: Dating in the sun

Los Angeles
How many times have you said to yourself? "This summer I´m going to L.A.!" Los Angeles County is one of Beverly Hills 90210, focused on the pleasures and problems of a group of rich students, to Private Practice, also about comedy and drama (this time from the point of view of young professionals) L.A. never disappoints the audience!
the most exciting parts of the States. And let´s be honest; we all know that thanks to the hundreds of TV shows that have been set there. Whatever the reason is, the spots filmed here always show us relationship issues between the main characters. From the classic
  • Where to go for shopping? If you love true vintage, don’t hesitate to have a look at Painted Bird (4208 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles)

5. Seattle: Comedy on the Northwest coast

Who hasn't wished anytime for his psychiatrist to be like Dr. Frasier? We had fun for over ten years with the great stories of a psychiatrist that comes back to his hometown after the end of his marriage. Even though the show wasn't filmed in the city (it was actually filmed at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood), at that time the show encouraged us to feel the city as a smart destination (who doesn't remember the amazing views from Frasier's apartment?). A bit later, in 2005, we met the Seattle Grace Hospital team and even though the whole show is more about internal emotions, we have to admit that strong feelings have a lot to do with Seattle´s weather. If you ever visit the city, don´t miss Pike Place Market, a good place to confirm that Seattle can also be a super bohemian destination (students, artists and urban buskers often visit the area).
  • Where to have the best coffee in the city: Espresso Vivace (Check out its several locations at

About the Author:

Marta López is a writer based in London. She loves cinema, literature and photography. Follow her at @Martazepol.

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