Catch It All at Best Buy during the Madness! #CatchItAll

#CatchItAll at Best Buy

*Disclosure: I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

I've been guilty of multitasking more than a few times. When I'm watching a movie at home, you can find me with my smartphone or iPad Mini nearby, ready to look up an interesting actor or actress at a moment's notice. And with March Madness this month, it's important that I am able to look up a score or a team on-the-go as well.

Best Buy can help keep you connected to the Madness with tons of devices, including laptops, cell phones, tablets, and HDTV. I actually received my current TV from there for free when I purchased a bed at the Gardner White in Novi (one store, but two brands) which was an awesome deal. I've also previously shopped there for laptops and my cell phone, at one point.

Catch It All at Best Buy #CatchItAll
Watching some bball on TV while keeping
up with the scores on my iPad Mini

My mobile preference is my tablet, since it tends to be a little faster than my phone, but sometimes you'll see me on three devices (phone, tablet, and watching TV) all at once. As I type this while doing laundry, I actually have the Gmail app on my phone open, at my side, while the Blogger app on my iPad is up and running - definitely convenient.

I'm usually not a devoted basketball fan, too, but my dad and I like to compete with our brackets during March Madness, and it's been so useful to be able to check the game scores when out and about.

Which devices do you use to stay connected? 
And what team(s) are you rooting for this March Madness season?

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