Movie Review: Moms' Night Out

Moms' Night Out movie review

*Disclosure: I recently received Moms' Night Out on DVD in exchange for re-promoting this post. Review originally published in May 2014.

I had the privilege of viewing a very early screening of Mom's Night Out when I was in Anaheim this past February for the inaugural ENMN conference. Sarah Drew, who plays Allyson in the movie, did a Q&A with us after the screening, as well as Kevin Downes (actor/producer) and Andrea Nasfell (writer). We also got to chat with Sean Astin the day after about the show. The film is a great homage to mothers everywhere, although it had its moments of greatness as well as moments that could have been better.

Allyson (Drew) is a good mom, but is having a mini-meltdown. Her two kids are driving her nuts and she hasn't had a night out in forever. Her husband (Astin) is supportive, but is often traveling for work and isn't home. She decides to round up her friends (Patricia Heaton and Logan White) for a night out on the town. It doesn't start off too well, though, as the restaurant has lost their reservation, so they end up coming up with an alternative plan for the evening. And that's when things start to get crazy ...

The cast as well as supporting cast was great in this movie. The producer of the movie, Kevin Downes (whom we also got to chat with), plays "Kevin" in the film, Sean Astin's slacker friend who he's known since grade school. Patricia Heaton, Abbie Cobb, and Sarah Drew were funny as the three main mom characters, and Sammi Hanratty also has a memorable part as Astin's half-sister, an almost-20-ish who has a baby boy. Trace Adkins plays Bones, a tattooed biker who ends up helping the girls out in a dire situation.

Yes, see this film, but some parts were highly entertaining and others were just okay. One of my favorite scenes was a car chase scene, because the dialogue was hilarious; a police officer asks Allyson's kids a few questions, which they technically answer honestly but the way they phrase their answers makes the officer worried (and provides some hilarity to the audience). The film does have a religious undercurrent throughout, but it's not highly visible until the end of the movie. I will say this is a very good movie family-friendly wise, as there wasn't any swearing, sex, or drug use throughout (hence its PG rating) and it's a film that parents can take their kids to see - maybe it will even show them why Mom or Dad has been so stressed lately. Overall I would recommend the movie, but it does have its slow/not as funny sections.

Moms' Night Out is rated PG with a runtime of 98 minutes. 3 stars out of 5.

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