Yes/No Detroit on the Road: HalloWeekends at Cedar Point {Sandusky, OH}, now through Nov. 2nd

*Disclosure: I received media passes to visit Cedar Point. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

I am no stranger to Cedar Point - I went for the first time in 1999 or 2000, I believe, with my middle school orchestra, and I've continued to visit every year since. From the first visit until 2005, I went with my school orchestra - we had competitions in Ohio and the award ceremony would be that same day at the park - and after 2005, I didn't think I'd be back soon.

However, I've actually gone back every year since, usually with friends, and there's a reason for that: Cedar Point is known for having some of the best roller coasters in the country, as is a short two-hour drive from the metro Detroit area.

L to R, clockwise: 2006 on Top Thrill, 2009 in Camp Snoopy,
2010 + 2013 in front of Millennium Force

In 2006, my UM dorm hallmates and I carpooled together to attend HalloWeekends at the park - the first and only time I had been to HalloWeekends, until this year. I was excited to visit the park when it was a little cooler out, and this past weekend was the first HalloWeekends, which goes until November 2nd.

I didn't go on as many rides as I usually do, on this trip, but I hit most of my favorites: Magnum, Millennium Force, GateKeeper, Power Tower, and the Raptor. We also took the Sky Ride across the park, which was a nice rest - my Fitbit said I walked 23,000 steps at Cedar Point that day!

I think my favorite ride at the park continues to be Millennium Force, but the newest addition to the roller coaster fleet, GateKeeper, is just as smooth a ride, and is definitely one that is a must-ride when you go to the park. Even though Raptor just turned 20 years old, it's also still a great ride that I would definitely recommend.

^ GateKeeper, Cedar Point's newest coaster

L: being scared of the vampire! R: Alex and Larry, bottom right: Alex + pumpkin cookie

Because this past Saturday was the official blogger day, Cedar Point provided us with some yummy fall treats in the form of pumpkin sugar cookies and caramel apples. I love a good caramel apple, especially in the fall, and my friends who I went with really liked the pumpkin cookies.

You definitely can't miss out on the haunted attractions when you go for HalloWeekends, and even though I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to haunted houses, I was curious to try out some of Cedar Point's offerings. We stood in line for Hexed (pictured above), which ended up being more fun than scary, although it's one of CP's "Frightfully Scary" rides, which means it's not recommended for young kids. 

We also did "CarnEvil" and "Blood on the Bayou," both of which were walk-through areas where evil clowns and other creatures of the night will try to scare you ... though we made it through unscathed. 

Map of HalloWeekends attractions

If scary corn mazes are more your thing, CP offers Corn Stalkers. There's also Zombie High School, Eden Musee, Eternity Infirmary and The Eerie Estate, for those looking for some scary thrills, and many family-friendly exhibits too like the Peanuts Halloween Show, Skeleton Crew, and the Gypsy Fortune Tellers, located near the Gemini coaster.

I'm so glad I got to return to Cedar Point this year! The great news is that HalloWeekends goes until November 2, 2014, so there's still plenty of time to get to the park for it, too. It was only about a two hour ride from my area (metro Detroit), or about 2.5 hours from the Ann Arbor area. 

Have you been to Cedar Point before? 
If so, what's your favorite ride, and if not, what ride would you like to try if you were to go?

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