Michigan-made movies: A Girl Like Her, opening in select theaters on 3/27

Written and directed by Michigan native Amy S. Weber, A Girl Like Her will be opening in select theaters on March 27th.

Official synopsis:
Sophomore year has been a nightmare for Jessica Burns. Relentlessly harassed by her former friend Avery Keller, Jessica doesn't know what she did to deserve the abuse from one of South Brookdale High's most popular and beautiful students. But when a shocking event changes both of their lives, a documentary film crew, a hidden digital camera, and the attention of a reeling community begin to reveal the powerful truth about A Girl Like Her.

Social media links:
Official URL: AGirlLikeHerMovie.com
Facebook: /AGirlLikeHerMovie
Instagram: @AGirlLikeHer

My thoughts: This movie looks like an accurate portrayal of what it's like to be bullied in school. Although I luckily was not bullied in high school, I know some who were, and even though it wasn't as intense as how the situation looks for Jessica in this film, it was still hurtful and should have been stopped. This film looks like it may seek to make others think twice about their actions and how they leave long-lasting effects. 

Will you see A Girl Like Her in the theater, and do you know anyone/were you bullied in school?

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