War Room Family Movie Night {and an easy fudge recipe!} #MakeItAMovieNight

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My parents and I definitely see a lot of movies together at screenings, but we don't get to sit down and watch a movie at their house or my apartment that often. When we do, it's usually a last-minute thing, and treats may or may not be involved. This weekend, we decided to get together and create a memorable movie night, complete with (super easy!) fudge and some Orville Redenbacher popcorn - yum. The movie choice of the night was War Room.

We were at Walmart picking up some weekend essentials, so we grabbed some movie snacks too, and some ingredients for my recipe. I'm a Coke Zero fan, as is my dad, so I grabbed a 6-pack of that, as well as some Orville Redenbacher popcorn (which now comes in its own bowl - how cool is that?!) and these cute little 3.5 oz tins of M&M’S® Chocolate Candies (both peanut + regular) that were sitting by the checkout counter.

The popcorn was delicious, and the pop up bowl was super convenient - no more scrounging in the cupboard for a bowl for the living room. We bought the Movie Theater Butter flavor but Walmart had a few different flavors to choose from, including Kettle Corn if you like your popcorn a little sweeter.

I wasn't sure if Coke Zero would work well with my recipe or not (vs. regular Coca-Cola) but I like experimenting with cooking and with desserts, so I figured I'd try it :).

I've previously made an easy fudge recipe that I originally found here, and I took that recipe and put my own spin on it for our War Room movie night.

Easy Peanut M&M'S® Chocolate Candies Fudge with Walnuts

  • 12 oz. bag of chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet, but you could use milk or dark chocolate too)
  • 16 oz. chocolate frosting container
  • 1 cup walnuts (optional)
  • 2 TB of Coke Zero (or Coca-Cola)
  • 1 package of Peanut M&M’S® Chocolate Candies
  • Cooking spray

1. Grab a square-shaped pan (8x8 is good, or any size you like) and line with aluminum foil. Use cooking spray to spray onto the foil.
2. Put the chocolate chips in a bowl (one that is microwave-safe, of course) and microwave for 30-60 seconds. It will depend on your microwave, but for me it took about 60-75 seconds to fully melt the chocolate chips.
3. Add chocolate frosting to the bowl and any nuts you would like to add, and stir together.
4. Place your mixture into your aluminum foil-lined pan, and sprinkle the peanut M&M’S® Chocolate Candies on top once you've smoothed out the fudge mixture into the pan. I also added some regular (non-peanut) M&M’S® Chocolate Candies to mine too.
5. Let the mixture sit for 1-1.5 hours. You can also pop it into the fridge for 30 minutes if you don't want to wait that long.

Walmart is also doing a deal right now that will save you some money - if you buy four participating products there (an Orville Redenbacher product, a Coca-Cola product, a M&M’S® Chocolate Candies product, and a Sony movie), you'll receive a $10 Vudu movie code via email. ( = more movies, which is always good!)

Sony movies included in the deal are War Room, Joe Dirt 2, Hotel Transylvania 2, and the new Goosebumps.

Here are the details:
  • Buy all 4 participating products listed in one transaction at Walmart - deal ends 2/22/16
  • Snap a picture of your receipt and visit uploadreceipt.com/movienight to submit your receipt by 2/9/16 (Tip: take a screenshot of this URL now so you remember it later!
  • Get a $10 Vudu movie code* by email
*While supplies last. Limit 1 per person.

The reason we chose War Room for our family movie night is because I had heard a lot of good things about it. It has a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes right now, which is great, and even though I don't frequently watch faith-based movies, I had heard a lot of good buzz about the film. It's also made by the Kendrick brothers (Alex + Stephen Kendrick) who produced Moms' Night Out, Courageous, and Fire Proof, among other movies.

War Room is currently a new release movie at Walmart, too, along with the other films I mentioned above.

Don't forget that you can check out more movie night recipes here, too! There are some yummy ideas listed.

What is your favorite treat to enjoy on family movie night?

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