Movie Review: Secret Life of Pets

I had been excited to see The Secret Life of Pets for a while now, because the trailer looked hilarious. Although the movie ended up being a bit different than I thought it would be, it was still entertaining, and it's one of those children's movies where there is a lot of humor for adults throughout.

Max (voiced by Louis C.K.) leads a happy life in NYC with his owner, who rescued him from the street. One day, however, that perfect bubble is interrupted, when she brings home a new dog from the pound, Duke (Eric Stonestreet), a much larger dog who seems to be competing for her heart. Max has friends who live close by, including Gidget (Jenny Slate), Chloe (Lake Bell), a cat; Buddy (Hannibal Buress), and Mel (Bobby Moynihan), and every day when their owners are gone, they hang out. However, one day after the pet walker takes them out, they notice Max and Duke are missing, and Gidget, who has a huge crush on Max, leads the way to help them find both of the dogs.

The voice cast in here is great, although some voices you will probably recognize and some you will not. Louis C.K. and Eric Stonestreet play the main two dogs, and we also have Kevin Hart as a demented rabbit, who was one of my favorite characters. Albert Brooks is definitely recognizable as Tiberius, an eagle that originally wants to eat Gidget, and Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell, and Dana Carvey also voice some of the pets.

Yes, see this film. There are a lot of jokes that will definitely go over kids' heads, and I was laughing at the majority of them. My mom also mentioned that the film goes by fast, and it's true; it's a fast-paced adventure, making the 90-minute long movie go by quickly. The screening I went to was shown in regular 2D, but I'm guessing this movie would be great in 3D, based on some of the scenes - at the beginning, Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York" plays as we get a sweeping view of the city, and there are a few chases throughout that could also be awesome in 3D. I'd recommend this movie for both the young and the "young at heart," and it's a great pick to see in theaters this weekend.

The Secret Life of Pets is in theaters today, July 8th, and is rated PG with a runtime of 90 minutes. 3.5 stars out of 5.

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