Restaurant Review: Brome Burgers, Dearborn, MI #WheninBrome

*Disclosure: I received a meal at Brome in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

This week, I had the pleasure of dining at Brome Burgers & Shakes, in Dearborn, MI, with a few blogger friends, and it was a very tasty meal. This was not my first time at Brome, but the first time I visited I was in a rush (I was in Dearborn for the Cinetopia film fest, at the Henry Ford Museum, and had limited time between films), so I was glad I was able to sit and enjoy my meal this time.

We were able to choose an entree, side order of fries, and a milkshake off the menu. Dairy doesn't always play nice with me but their milkshakes looked fantastic, so I knew I had to try one. I chose the Brome Deluxe, which included beef bacon (yes, beef bacon - I had to look it up - it's bacon but from a cow), aged white cheddar, red onion, tomato, romaine, and dijonnaise - hold the romaine, because I'm a little kooky and I don't like lettuce on sandwiches.

The last time I was at Brome, I ordered their garlic and cilantro fries, which were fantastic - I'm a fan of anything garlic, and they also grow their cilantro in-house, in their garden (open to anyone to grow herbs!) near the front of the store. This time, I switched it up and ordered the truffle oil and parmesan fries. Brome uses Kennebec potatoes (see the pic of the cute potato, above) and they are thin-cut and delicious.

Brome's interior is also very cool. It has a wall of living plants, and apparently it's watered by an irrigation system that's behind the plants. The eating/sitting area is large and inviting, and there's also a patio outside, for those warm summer days and nights. 

Brome Deluxe burger
My milkshake actually came out before my entree, and I tried to wait to drink it ... keyword here is tried, ha. I ordered the Reese's shake, but the Oreo and Salted Caramel shakes were close seconds and thirds for me to try. They also have a Cornflake shake, which no one in our party ordered but which we were all intrigued about.

Everything I had was delicious. I will say that the first time I went to Brome, I ordered the Wild Mushroom burger (beef burger with mushrooms) and I enjoyed that a tiny bit more than the Brome Deluxe; however, I'm a huge fan of mushrooms, on anything, so that wasn't too surprising to me. I'd also definitely order the garlic/cilantro fries again over the truffle oil/parmesan, but I was very impressed by the real parmesan crumbles that dotted the fries - they were very tasty. 

Overall, I'm definitely a huge fan of Brome. For an upcharge, you can get a burger made with 100% organic grass-fed beef, and all of its burgers are made from certified Angus beef. I opted for the organic beef this time, since our meal was on the house, but the last time I went I got the regular Angus beef.

I will say that Brome is definitely not a "fast food burger" type of place - because they use quality ingredients, their burgers and sides are priced accordingly, and both times I went, there was about a 10-15 minute wait for my meal. Burgers range from $8.50-$10.50 (non-organic) and there's a $2 upcharge for organic; sides range from $4 (fries) to $7 (chili cheese fries). You can also add a fries/drink combo to your burger, for $3. Because of that, Brome is a bit of an indulgence for me, but it's a place I will definitely choose to go when I go to Dearborn, as both times it was delicious.

The restaurant also has vegan (veganmami burger) and vegetarian (vegumami burger) options, as well as salads.

There's also a ton of original art scattered around the restaurant, all of which has been created by local artists, which is pretty neat.

Brome has plans on expanding and creating a Brome franchise too (come to Troy or the East side!) so hopefully we will see more Brome locations soon, since Dearborn is a bit of a drive for me. When you go, there is free parking in a lot in the back of the building, as well (parallel to Michigan Ave.) so don't worry if you can't find street parking.

Have you been to Brome or an organic burgers place before? How did you like it?

Brome Burgers & Shakes is located at 22062 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI., (313) 996-5050. 

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