Restaurant Review: 1000 Degrees Pizzeria, Plymouth, MI

*Disclosure: My family and I received a free meal in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

Fast-casual pizza is officially a trend in the U.S., and Michigan now has many choices for those of us who like pizza and being able to customize it. My family and I were able to check out 1000 Degrees Pizzeria, in Plymouth, this past weekend, one of the newest additions to the scene.

I really liked the interior of 1000 Degrees, it's modern and very bright and open. The building is kind of in the middle of the parking lot, near the Xfinity and Grand Traverse Pie plaza on Ann Arbor Rd. near 275 in Plymouth.

Like most of the fast-casual places I've been to, you can choose a pre-set pizza (ingredients have been pre-set) or make your own. I usually make my own, and that's what I did here, too. A 10" pizza is $8.95, and you can get it on gluten-free crust for $9.99; if you'd like a 14" pizza instead, that's $16.95. My dad and I chose the regular 10" pizza and my mom tried out the gluten-free crust - the regular dough is made in-house, but the gluten-free dough is made elsewhere and shipped to the store.

You can really customize your pizza any way you like - I got mine with half marinara sauce, half bourbon BBQ sauce, and with different toppings on each too. The bourbon BBQ sauce was delicious but a little spicy for me, and the marinara side was good. I also got pepperoni, chicken, mushrooms, banana peppers, and fresh garlic on my pizza. They also have corn as a topping, which was pretty interesting - my mom likes unique flavor combinations so she tried that on her pizza.

They also have "grande fresh mozzarella" here (aka, fresh mozzarella) which was great - I haven't seen that at any of the other fast-casual pizza places I frequent (Blaze, MOD), although Blaze has ovalini mozzarella which is a little bit similar. 1000 Degrees also has dairy-free cheese if you can't have dairy, or prefer not to have it.

If you want some beer or wine with your pizza, too, 1000 Degrees has Atwater Brewery (Detroit) beers on tap! That's something I hadn't seen at a fast-casual pizzeria before.

All three of our pizzas came out great. Compared to other fast-casual pizzerias, it's a little pricier ($8.95, vs. $7.25 at Blaze) but the crust is a bit thicker, so you get what you pay for. My mom liked the gluten-free crust, too, but did say that it's more of a thin-crust than the regular dough is, so therefore it was not as filling (but still very tasty).

clockwise: my dad's pizza, my mom's gluten-free pizza, and my pizza (half marinara, half BBQ sauce)
I'd overall recommend 1000 Degrees Pizzeria. They have three Michigan locations and hopefully will be adding more (come to Troy!) at some point. The pizza was delicious and their claim to fame is that they only take two minutes to bake in the oven, which was true - the pizzas were done cooking very fast.

1000 Degrees Pizzeria is located at 41576 Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170. Other locations include Allen Park and Roseville. Click here for a list of locations across the U.S.

Have you ever been to a "fast-casual" pizza place? If so, how was your experience?

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