Saving money with Groupon Coupons

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All of the opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

Whether I'm seeing a movie, going out to eat, or traveling, I love saving money, and I've been using Groupon for what seems like forever - it always has great deals on the things I like doing. I bought a $20 Groupon to one of my favorite Thai places a week or so ago, and paid about $10 for it, which was a nice deal.

Did you know that Groupon also has Groupon Coupons, though?

I recently checked them out for the first time, and there are some good savings to be found - even in areas you wouldn't expect, like out-of-state travel (check out the Bally's Atlantic City coupon at right).

Groupon Coupons has everything from Bed Bath & Beyond (20% off one item, in-store), to Snapfish, to eHarmony (60% off a 1-year subscription!), if you use online dating sites like I do.

Some other coupons I found of interest were Barnes & Noble - mostly coupons for their website, like $10 off $100 and 15% off your purchase - and, where you can save up to 40% plus get another 10% off.

I'll admit that Groupon isn't usually a site I would think to go to for coupons - I go there when I'm looking for deals that you pre-purchase, like the Thai restaurant Groupon I bought - but now that I know they have such a variety of coupons, I will be checking them out more often.

Have you used Groupon before? If so, have you checked out its Groupon Coupons section?

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