Review - Looking: The Movie

By: Travis Noon

HBO's Looking was an original series that lasted two seasons on the premium network, and it provided a updated look into the lives of gay men in San Francisco in the modern day. Comparisons may be drawn with Queer As Folk, which was a popular show from 2000-2005 on Showtime. In my opinion, that show seems a little dated; however the importance in the gay community was very important.

Looking had relatable characters in the show's short run; nevertheless, by the summation of season two, closure wasn't drawn in the series finale, and HBO made a wise decision to have a two-hour movie to bring the fans what they wanted. 

As for relatable characters, the one that is like myself is Patrick, played by Jonathan Groff from Broadway fame. Patrick is a video game designer and had a circle of close friends in San Francisco; he's now left them and moved back to his hometown of Denver. This is where Patrick's story begins for the Looking movie, as he comes back to San Francisco for his friends Augustín and Eddie wedding.

Patrick's journey gets closure, as does the other men of Looking, such as one of my favorites, Dom (Murray Bartlett) as one of Patrick's close friends. 

If you were a fan of the series, I highly encourage you to have some great snacks at home, and enjoy this proper finale of Looking. Definite Yes!

Travis Noon is an award-winning new media artist who graduated from Oakland University with his Bachelors of Studio Art in New Media. He also has a yogurt blog, "Yog-in-a-min," and is a purveyor of creating anything in life.

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