Event review: Salute to America, Greenfield Village {Dearborn}

Event review: Salute to America, Greenfield Village {Dearborn}
*Disclosure: I received media tickets to attend Salute to America. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

I have been to many other Greenfield Village events, such as their Hallowe'en and Christmas festivities, but I had never attended Salute to America, so I was excited to check it out this year.

The doors open at 6pm, and that is when we arrived, but I highly recommend getting there earlier than that - we had no problem finding parking, but this year they had security/metal detectors, and the lines to get through security were very long. There was a line for people who didn't have coolers with them that was a bit shorter, though, so we chose that one.

Event review: Salute to America, Greenfield Village {Dearborn}

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) portion of the evening starts at 8:30am, but there is plenty of pre-show entertainment, such as the Revolutionary War Fife & Drum unit (see pic above, and video below).

If you're hungry, also, there is food for sale, including a food and beverage tent. There was also a vintage ice cream truck there actually selling ice cream, which was cool to see. One of the Village's custard stands was open as well. 

Event review: Salute to America, Greenfield Village {Dearborn}

As a violinist, I love seeing the DSO - they always sound fantastic. When you add fireworks to that, it makes it even more entertaining, too. The program that they played was varied, as well; they even played a song from the Pixar movie Up, which I wasn't expecting. 

I was wondering where the show was actually going to be, and it turns out that Greenfield Village has a big field near the back of the village. You can choose to sit on the field (affording you a great view of the DSO, but you're also sitting in direct sunlight for a bit) or on one of the hill areas nearby, which is what we did, to get a bit of shade. Make sure to bring either a blanket or some beach-type chairs, as well.

Event review: Salute to America, Greenfield Village {Dearborn}
Thanks to Fallon for this awesome pic!

Overall, I had a lot of fun at Salute to America, and will definitely be attending next year. It is my favorite of the three events I've now attended at Greenfield Village thus far, and it makes for a nice summer night out.

Event review: Salute to America, Greenfield Village {Dearborn}
picture credit: Fallon

Have you ever been to Salute to America, and/or to a DSO concert? 

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