The Friday Five, 9/1/17: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed really, really long, and I think it's because it's the first week in a few that I've worked all 5 days (yes, I'm spoiled ...). I've been traveling a lot for work and also there have been summer holidays (4th of July, etc.). Next week will be a 4 day week because of Labor Day, though.

Best Brussels sprouts ever, at Beau's. DELICIOUS.

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Eating delicious foods, per usual. My boyfriend and I heard about a good Mediterranean/Greek restaurant in his area, that had a 5 out of 5 star rating on Yelp ... when we got there, we found that it was in a gas station. Oops. That's still a really good Yelp rating ... unfortunately the food was just okay. I also had a terrific meal at Beau's Grillery, in Bloomfield Hills—check back tonight or tomorrow for my review and giveaway post, including a $25 gift card and some of their BBQ sauces and rubs.
  2. Dealing with house stuff. I bought a condo in Clawson, MI last year, and my home warranty is running out, so I need to decide if I want to renew or not. 
  3. Bar trivia. I'm part of a Meetup ( group that does bar trivia, and usually we go to Moose Winooski's, right down the street from me in Clawson. I haven't had time to go for a while but this week I did, which was fun. 
  4. The weather is getting cooler, and I'm not really liking it. As usual, Michigan's Mother Nature is playing with us—on Wednesday, it was 78 degrees for a high. As I type this (Friday morning), it is 51 degrees. Although fall is my favorite season, I need to know whether to wear boots or sandals every day ... 
  5. Michigan football is back tomorrow! UM is playing Florida, at 3:30pm on ABC. As many of my readers probably already know, I'm a UM alum, and a HUGE UM football fan (it's a cult ... they suck you in as a freshman, haha). My dad and I usually watch the games together, so I'll be heading to my parents' place tomorrow to watch it. 


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