The Friday Five, 10/27/17: 5 things I've been up to this week

I usually search through my Google Photos to try and remember what I've been up to every week, for these posts, but there aren't a lot to look through from this week. That means either my week hasn't been busy, which isn't the case here, or I just didn't take many photos.

I'm going to go with the latter. :)

The Half-Ass tribute at the Residential College (Univ. of Michigan) 50th anniversary weekend

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Attending a reunion, of sorts. I graduated from the Residential College, part of LSA (College of Literature, Science, & the Arts) at the University of Michigan, in 2009. This weekend was the RC's 50th anniversary weekend, and I drove to Ann Arbor on Friday night to attend a tribute to The Half-Ass (real name: The Halfway Inn), which used to be a restaurant-type area where bands would also play, in East Quad, the dorm I lived in. UM got rid of the Half-Ass a few years ago when they renovated the dorm, so this was a tribute concert. After the concert, I went to Conor O'Neills downtown, with a friend, and we attended the Tom Petty tribute concert, which was also fun.
  2. Speaking of the RC ... I received my copy of the first ever RC Alumni Journal in the mail on Wednesday. I majored in Creative Writing in the RC, and was asked to write a story to contribute to it. Since I mostly write blog posts and nonfiction (day job) things now, I had to dust off my creative writing skills a bit, but I was happy with the end result.
  3. Celebrating Halloween, a little early. I went to a friend's Halloween party on Saturday night as Georgie from IT, and my boyfriend was Pennywise the clown—a weird couples costume, for sure, but I found an $8 raincoat online, and have been wearing that as my regular raincoat now too. (and have actually received quite a few compliments on it!)
  4. Seeing theater, downtown. A friend and I went to the Fisher Theatre on Wednesday night to see Love Never Dies, which is the follow-up musical to Phantom of the Opera (one of my all-time favorite musicals, which I was able to see on my birthday this year at the Detroit Opera House). Andrew Lloyd Webber was in attendance too, and took a bow with the cast afterwards—pretty cool. 
  5. Attending Royal Oak Restaurant Week. Royal Oak is doing their restaurant week until this Sunday. On Monday night, a friend and I checked out Jolly Pumpkin for the first time—I've been to the Ann Arbor location but not this one, and they also have a Detroit location—and on Tuesday afternoon, some coworkers and I went to Ale Mary's for lunch. Overall I enjoyed the menu at Jolly Pumpkin more, but the salad and the "beeramisu" at Ale Mary's was also very good.
First ever Residential College (RC) Alumni Journal!

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