The Friday Five, 11/17/17: 5 things I've been up to this week

I've seen five movies this week so far and I'm hoping to see Justice League tomorrow night with my MoviePass. Fingers crossed that there are still seats left, as MoviePass doesn't let you book until the day of.

Other bloggers and I at the Patty Burger tasting

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing movies, like I said above. Last Saturday I saw The Star (check back today for my review!) with a friend; on Sunday I saw Murder on the Orient Express; on Tuesday I saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; on Wednesday, I saw Wonder, which surprised me by being a great adaptation of the book, which I recently read; and on Thursday, I saw Coco, which was fantastic (check back next Wed. for my review). Lots of movies, but I actually enjoyed all of them—I wouldn't give any of these less than a 3.5/5 rating except I'd give Murder about a 2-2.5, as it's very slow and I actually fell asleep during it.
  2. Patty Burger blogger event. Patty Burger is located in the Lake Orion/Auburn Hills area, about 5 minutes away from Great Lakes Crossing, and I hadn't heard of it prior to attending the event, which is relatively rare for me as I'm an avid Yelper. The food was very tasty and I'll be publishing a post (and giveaway!) tomorrow about my experience.
  3. Drooling over Shinola watches. I *wish* I could afford one of these, but paying $500-700 for a watch is a bit out of my price range. Recently I found out that they have an outlet at GLC, though, where the watches are a *little* bit more affordable ($150+), so when I have some money to play with I may check that out.
  4. Attending a game night. A Meetup friend of mine threw a game night as his place, and I went to that on Saturday. All of us are interested in board games/video games, so it was a fun night.
  5. Eating out a bit too much. I normally eat out a few times a week, and cook for the other days, but this week I ended up eating out a lot. On Saturday, I tried out Bistro Joe's for the first time, after The Star, with the friend which whom I attended the screening. On Sunday, I took my boyfriend to Uno's, as he had never been (and the only location left in this area is Sterling Heights, which is closer to my side of town). Monday was the Patty Burger blogger event (SO MUCH FOOD), Tuesday I went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe with my mom before the movie, Wednesday I tried out the new Shake Shack in Troy, for lunch, and Thursday I went to Pei Wei with a friend before the Coco screening. I won't be eating out quite as much this weekend, but I have brunch plans with a friend at Rochester Brunch House, and my boyfriend and I usually eat out at least once over the weekend, too. Like I said ... I ate out TOO much this week, but all of the meals I had were tasty.
Milkshakes at the new Patty Burger - can be made alcoholic!

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