The Friday Five, 12/8/17: 5 things I've been up to this week

Lots of things going on this week, per usual. I skipped zumba on Monday night because I needed a night to relax, and truthfully I just wanted to microwave dinner (normally I cook ... not in the microwave. LOL) and then sit around in my PJs.

Al pastor taco at El Guanaco

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Trying new foods. There is an El Salvadorian place near me, called El Guanaco, that has excellent Yelp reviews. On Friday, a new friend and I tried it out, and I tried a few varieties of pupusas (corn pancakes stuffed with meat, flowers, or potatoes) as well as their al pastor taco, which was fantastic. It was so good that I brought my boyfriend there only two days later, and had more pupusas and a steak taco. Yum. 
  2. Seeing movies. I saw Lady Bird last Friday after the El Salvadorian feast, and although I liked it, I don't agree with its super-high Rotten Tomatoes rating ... I'd give it maybe 4/5 stars, but Saiorse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf (aka Sheldon's mom, from BBT!) turn out great performances in it. On Wednesday, I saw a screening of The Darkest Hour, which I overall liked, but it was super sloooooooow. Gary Oldman was unrecognizable in it, playing Winston Churchill (in prosthetics), too. And on Thursday, I saw a screening of Hostiles, with Christian Bale, which I believe will be out in the Detroit area in mid-January sometime.
  3. Trying new grocery stores. I was going to the Aldi in Troy on Sunday, and I decided to check out H-Mart next door, too (Korean grocery store). I was mostly just there to browse, but on the way out, we saw they were selling HONEY BUTTER CHIPS ... for those that know me IRL, you might know that last year, my boyfriend and I ordered these OFF EBAY (from Singapore) just to try them, and they were fantastic. So to say I was excited was an understatement ... it was a different brand than the previous ones (Lays, I think?) but still very tasty. 
  4. Dreading when the "real" snow starts. We got a small taste of snow this morning, which I'm not happy about ... obviously, I live in Michigan and it's now December, so there will be snow ... but I'm not a fan. It also got very cold here this week.
  5. Finalizing Disney plans for January. I'm headed to Disney World with a friend next month (super excited!) and I've been keeping an eye on what FastPasses are available. The new Avatar ride suddenly opened up a bunch more for 1/13, the day we are planning on doing Animal Kingdom, and I ditched my 3pm pass to get a 10:50am pass. (with FastPasses, it's better to book for the morning so you can then get more FastPasses later in the day - read all my WDW tips here, from when I went in June)
    I was also able to rearrange my Kilimanjaro Safari FastPass and Everest (roller coaster) FastPass, so we are now all set for morning FastPasses for that day. :) 
Do not buy these. They taste awful. Wink wink. (I need to buy more!)

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