Movie Review: Peter Rabbit

The trailer for Peter Rabbit looked quite cute—I always enjoy movies that combine real-life action with digital animation, such as the rabbits in the film. However, the movie ended up being very funny, as well, with a lot of "adult" humor sprinkled in, and was definitely a fast-paced film too.

Peter Rabbit (voiced by James Corden) lives in the country with his sisters Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki), and Cotton-tail (Daisy Ridley), as well as his cousin. They are well cared for by Bea (Rose Byrne, aka Beatrix Potter, author of the Peter Rabbit books), and even though they don't live with her, she always makes sure they're safe and comfortable. The only problem is Old Mr. McGregor (Sam Neill), the next-door neighbor, who has a lush garden but always keeps his gates shut.

Peter is a bit of a daredevil, and always up for a bit of stealing, but one day, events transpire that are irreversible; soon, a younger Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) moves in, in order to tidy up the house and later sell it. Eventually, an all-out war erupts between the rabbits and the new Mr. McGregor, and to make things worse, Bea appears to be falling for him, too.

This film was quite hilarious and not at all what I was expecting. I also really liked that the younger Mr. McGregor was from London and worked at Harrods, a multi-story department store—I have been to London before and shopped there. Both Domhnall Gleeson and Rose Byrne were good in the main roles, too, and I have no idea how they filmed all of the scenes where they directly interacted with the rabbits; the rabbits looked very real in the film, as well.

Yes, definitely see this movie, even if you're not a child or even a parent. It's a fun 90-minute escape, and should be enjoyed by moviegoers of all ages. We saw the film in 2D at the screening, but I imagine it would be great in 3D, also—there are a lot of action/running scenes. I may even see the movie again at some point, perhaps with my MoviePass, because it was so funny, but if not, I will definitely rewatch it on Blu-ray/DVD.

Peter Rabbit is in theaters today, February 9th, and is rated PG with a runtime of 93 minutes. 4.5 stars out of 5.

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