The Friday Five, 2/16/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

This is what happens when ice drips from the top of your house and then freezes...

Last Friday I attempted to host a game night at my condo, but the weather deterred most of my friends from going; my boyfriend and three others did show up, though, and we had a fun time despite the weather. Fast-forward to today (Thursday 2/15) and it was 45 degrees out and most of the snow and ice have melted ... #PureMichigan at its finest.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Booking travel. Last week I talked about the two Unofficial Yelp Spring Breaks (UYSBs) that I'm hoping to attend. This week, I booked an Airbnb in Savannah, which looks gorgeous, and Amtrak and Megabus to/from Chicago. I'll still need to book airfare to Savannah, most likely on Delta with cash + miles, and an Airbnb in Chicago, at some point.
  2. Eating out, per usual. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Ann Arbor to see Joshua Bell at Hill Auditorium on UM's campus (my 3rd time seeing Joshua Bell, actually), and beforehand, we went to Frita Batido's for dinner, with one of my friends. On Sunday, I took him to Black Rock in Novi for my Valentine's Day present to him. Today (Friday) I am meeting up with some Yelpers to try out Roast, at the Westin Book-Cadillac in Detroit, for the first night of Detroit Restaurant Week ... I've never been to Roast so I'm excited about that. I'll also be trying out Roman Village (my 2nd time there) and Ford's Garage (1st time) for Dearborn Restaurant Week this weekend. This week I also enjoyed a meal at MOD Pizza in Northville, and you can read about that + also enter to win a $25 MOD gift card here.
  3. ... but also cooking. I cooked the rest of my Hello Fresh recipes, and the last one I made was my favorite: Southwest stuffed peppers with beef, quinoa, and Monterey Jack cheese. I love quinoa but had never actually cooked it before, and it was surprisingly easy, so I'm hoping to cook that more in the future.
  4. Unexpectedly playing host. I have two bedrooms in my condo, and the other is now a guest room, though I hope to convert half of it to an office at some point too. This came in handy on Friday, because two friends had to stay over due to some car issues—it worked out though, and we all went out for brunch the next day too. 
  5. Trying not to be sick (and failing). I still have a persistent stuffy nose from the sinus infection I had a week or two ago, which unfortunately is taking forever to go away. 
Hello Fresh Southwest stuffed peppers
Hello Fresh Southwest stuffed peppers

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