The Friday Five, 2/23/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has gone by pretty fast—I've been busy but it hasn't seemed like it.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Adulting. I use an accountant for my taxes, but because of personal reasons, I had to get in my taxes earlier this year ... I have a day job and also have income from blogging and other freelance writing, so it's a pain to gather all the required info. 
  2. Eating out a bit too much. On Friday, some Yelpers and I went to Roast for DRW, which was very, very good. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to Roman Village in Dearborn, and then on Sunday, we tried out Ford's Garage. I also went to Buddy's and Noodles, both in Novi, with my parents this week. At the same time, I have been cooking a bit, as well. Which brings me to ... 
  3. Trying out Home Chef. I recently was able to try out Hello Fresh, and really enjoyed it, so I later joined the Home Chef affiliates program, and they ended up sending me one free box. The packaging is similar to Hello Fresh's but they also gave me a binder in which to keep all my recipes in ... which is a win for this Type A girl! So far I have been enjoying the recipes, too. Stay tuned for a post about Home Chef soon.
  4. Seeing movies. I actually walked out of a movie last weekend, which is only the second time in my life I've done that: Early Man. It's made by the creators of Wallace & Gromit, who also did Chicken Run, one of my all-time favorite animated movies ... so it was a disappointment. I trekked over to the AMC Forum to see Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, which I'd give like a 4.25/5 - it's definitely worth seeing but is only playing in a few theaters in my area. My parents and I saw Black Panther on Wednesday, which I'd also give 4/5 stars (great story and awesome tech throughout!), and a friend and I are seeing Game Night today. I'm also going to see Annihilation on Sunday.
  5. Stalking Delta's website. I still have not booked Savannah airfare for May, because the prices keep going up—at one point, I could have booked my itinerary for 21,500 miles + $190, with their "Cash+Miles" option, and now it's up to 28,000 miles. What I may do is their alternate cash+miles option—it's not as good of a deal, but right now airfare is $480, so I might use 20,000 miles and pay $280 (each 10,000 miles = $100). Hoping that it will decrease in price within the next few weeks, though.

    For the other Unofficial Yelp Spring Break that I'm attending, my friend and I booked our hotel for Chicago, after extensively looking through hotels and Airbnbs, which is also exciting.
"The Bar" dessert at Roast, Detroit

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