The Friday Five, 3/2/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

We got a huge amount of snow yesterday, probably around 5 to 9 inches, but I still ventured out for a friend's birthday gathering at a Korean BBQ place (always tasty). The roads overall weren't too bad, which was good.

New game, from The Oatmeal!

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Buying a new game. I already own Exploding Kittens, as well as the expansion pack, by the creator of The Oatmeal, and he has a new game out, You've Got Crabs, that looked pretty funny. You need 4 people minimum to play it, so I'll have to wait until either my next game night or whenever a friend hosts one. 
  2. Booking travel and finding out exciting news. I *finally* bit the bullet and booked my Savannah airfare - $523 on Delta, so I used 25,000 miles and paid $273 (goodbye, my high mileage amount, I'll miss you ...). At the same time, yesterday I found out that I've been accepted for a Birthright Israel trip, so I'll be heading to Israel in June, for a week—which I'm super excited about. Originally, Birthright was only for people ages 27 and younger, but they recently extended the age to 32 (and I'm 31 ...) so I wanted to apply for it this year. 
  3. Seeing movies, of course. Last Friday, a blogger friend and I saw Game Night, which was cute but not memorable—I'd give it 3/5 stars. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I saw Annihilation, which was excellent but a bit gory in parts (4/5 stars). Today I'm hoping to see either Every Day, or Get Out—I saw it on Blu-ray but never in theaters—and I'm also planning on seeing Death Wish and The Greatest Showman (second viewing) this weekend.
  4. Royal Oak Restaurant Week. This never happens, but I may actually hit all 5 restaurant weeks this year (Dearborn, Detroit, RO, Troy, and Birmingham). On Sunday, we wanted to go to Jolly Pumpkin RO before our movie, at Emagine RO, but unfortunately, they were only serving their dinner menu (it was lunchtime). We ended up at Ale Mary's, which I've been to before but is always tasty. Tomorrow, some Yelpers and I (we have a bit of a supper club going on, it seems!) will be going to Lily's Seafood for lunch, too, also for RORW—I don't really eat seafood but they have a chicken option that looks good, too. 
  5. Clothes shopping. I hate clothes shopping, but Meijer actually has a pretty decent selection (and I can combine it with grocery shopping!) and I was able to get two shirts and a new pair of jeans, which were needed—another pair of mine recently developed some holes and became unwearable. 
Parking fail, in Royal Oak ... 

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