The Friday Five, 3/9/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has gone by pretty fast, and I'm happy that today is Friday ... I have a busy weekend ahead.

Dynamite roll, at Inyo (Ferndale, MI)
What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing movies and 'fighting' with MoviePass. Last Friday I was excited to finally see Get Out in the theaters, as a local theater was re-playing it. However, I was planning on seeing the 9pm screening, and around 6pm, the screening vanished from their site. I'm assuming they canceled it because last I had checked on Fandango, there were no seats sold ... but still disappointing. I watched it on my home TV instead (HBO has it on-demand, I also own it on Blu-ray) and it's such a good movie. I was glad it at least won for Screenplay at the Oscars.

    This week I also saw Red Sparrow (4 to 4.5 stars out of 5, great movie but LONG), Every Day (3.5/5 and interesting premise), Death Wish (3.5/5, dumb but I love Bruce Willis), and The Greatest Showman, for the second time, which I still love but which my boyfriend thought was "meh" (apparently he doesn't like musicals ... whoops). I'm wanting to see either Thoroughbreds, A Wrinkle in Time, or Gringo this weekend, but AWIT has been getting awful reviews.

    As for MoviePass, when I tried checking in for Every Day on Wednesday, the app would not give me a ticket. I started tweeting with them and they said they could do a manual check in for me (MJR Troy does e-tickets on the app; for most theaters, you have to be 100 yards away from the theater, check in, then buy your ticket with the MoviePass debit card). They were finally able to do that around 5:15 and so I ran across the street for the 5:30pm movie. I tried calling them a few times too but their call line is crazy busy, so I had to actually call a few times before they put me through to a real person.
  2. Eating out. My boyfriend and I went to Inyo, in Ferndale, for the first time, because I won a $100 dinner through an Instagram contest they did. They serve sushi and also Chinese-American type dishes. $100 buys you a LOT of sushi so we tried a lot of things we wouldn't normally try, and it was very tasty. On Saturday, I went out with Yelpers for Royal Oak Restaurant Week, to Lily's Seafood (even though I'm not a big seafood person, except for sushi) and that was fun too. The food was actually very good (I had chicken for my main course) and the dessert was fantastic—Ray's ice cream, which is a local brand, plus churros.
  3. Cooking. I had three more Hello Fresh meals to cook this week (and if you missed my Hello Fresh vs. Home Chef post, click here). I think my favorite of the three was the "Little Ears" pasta, which we made together on Sunday night. The Meatloaf Balsamico, my third dish, was also very good; I don't think I've ever made meatloaf before so now I have another recipe to add to my repertoire. My least favorite was the "Presto Panko" chicken—it was tasty, but came with two portions of salad, which doesn't keep well. The pesto + Panko mixture fell off the chicken, too.  skipped this week's delivery so my next (and last, for a while, due to the price) Hello Fresh delivery will be next week.
  4. Watching the Oscars. The Oscars aired on Sunday, and although it's usually pretty long, I enjoy watching that plus the red carpet beforehand. The winners were all pretty much whom I thought they'd be except for The Shape of Water for Best Picture, which, personally, I disagree with ... I thought Three Billboards would win and I liked that a little better than Shape. IMO Get Out was the best movie of the nine movies up for the award, though.
  5. Trying to exercise. I skipped zumba yesterday because there was going to be a sub and also I needed a few hours to myself to just chill out before I headed to a friend's place for her weekly Thursday get-together. I did go on Monday, though, and walked twice this week; I plan on walking today too and doing zumba tomorrow. 

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